Bounce Forward, Face Your Career Crisis with a Plan by Scott Tollett Hits Bookshelves Across the Country

Former Senior Executive with Verizon, Scott Tollett, vows to get Americans re-employed

Houston, TX, November 09, 2012 --( As a Senior Telecom Executive with ALL TEL (now Verizon) and T-Mobile USA, Scott Tollett earned a reputation as a man who makes things happen. From a distance, his career may look like one progressive climb towards the top, but that’s far from the truth. Through various mergers and acquisitions, Scott has found himself unemployed at one time or another. One constant throughout his career has been the desire to come through each crisis stronger than ever and continue moving forward. Scott openly shares his struggles and challenges by providing a look inside one person’s passionate career journey to create value while living with purpose and meaning. “In the middle of my own job transitions, I put together a plan and Bounced Forward. I feel strongly that if I can do it, anyone can,” says Scott.

In Bounce Forward, Face Your Career Crisis With A Plan, Scott provides 27 lessons, laid out in an easy to follow format that are proven to succeed and provide a roadmap to get people working again.

Currently on a cross country tour in support of Bounce Forward, Scott is meeting and working with Americans to help them in their quest for employment. Scott’s charismatic and ‘tell it like it is’ approach inspires people to be their best. Through his blog and website, Scott offers support to those who feel alone in their quest to regain employment.

Bounce Forward, published by Spartan Publishing, is available in bookstores, on Amazon and through Scott Tollett has worked in executive leadership and management positions for the last 12 years of his career. He has appeared on national television and founded a sales leadership training firm. Scott would welcome the opportunity for an interview on the current unemployment crisis and provide insight on how he proposes to get people reemployed. Complementary advance copies of Bounce Forward are available through

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