Pirate Treasure Hunts No Longer Beached

Pirate's young & old are searching for Captain Blue Eye's treasures. Some are plundering The Captain's Treasures and all are making memories to last a lifetime.

Orlando, FL, July 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- With the recent increase in theme park tickets and other associated entertainment expenses, a lone Pirate Captain has raised the sail on an exciting adventure of exploration and discovery. Are there winds aloft with the power to fill his sails?

Pirate's Buried Treasures founder and seasoned professional pirate Captain Blue Eye has designed a unique approach to exploration & discovery. With the world as his playground and his online Quarterdeck sailing smooth, Captain Blue Eye has been designing treasure hunts with a unique twist. There are treasures to plunder with each hunt. The Captain's treasure hunts were initially exclusive to the state of Florida, but his unexpected success has provided The Captain with an opportunity to expand nationwide.

The Captain enjoys designing treasure hunts and loves to see families experience the thrill of exploration & discovery. Priceless memories evolve out of treasure hunting and families continue to thank The Captain for his hard work and creativity. Captain Blue Eye spent over two years creating a theme, storyline and associated web site so anyone can "search for pirate's buried treasures."

Today, Pirate's Buried Treasures is still virtually unknown to the general public, but word is quickly spreading. Captain Blue Eye has pirates searching for treasures in over 20 states and his treasures have gone from small toys and trinkets to electronic game systems, jewelry, pirate gold & cash.

He has hidden web pages which are "online taverns and caves" and he has even designed his own series of 3D realms. Unlike most current 3D games available today, Captain Blue Eye's 3D Realms don't involve bloodthirsty combat with grotesque villains. The objective within his 3D Realms is to explore the realms for hidden clues, coordinates and treasures. The treasures found in the 3D realms come with claim codes, which may be claimed through The Captain's web site. As you build your wealth in your online account, you may spend your wealth to purchase "personal effects", treasure hunting supplies or even cash out for real U.S. Dollars.

Funded by the sale of trading cards, 3D games and other associated "pirate gear", The Captain has been able to share his adventures and treasures with pirates of all ages. With his youngest known pirate seaworthy at the age of four and his oldest salt at 62, Captain Blue Eye's adventures seem to have the crew required for a very long voyage.

If you would like to begin your adventure as a pirate, visit the captain's web site at www.PiratesBuriedTreasures.com

Once you begin your career, The Captain might fill your chest with 1000 Gold if you can provide the correct answer to a single question.

Pirate's Buried Treasure
Patch Sterne