5 Tips from EMCS.net to Optimize Your Web Presence

These few easy steps will not take long and will give you an idea of what information you will need to improve your site as you move forward.

Scranton, PA, November 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Howard Frisvold is the President of EMCS.net, a web design, SEO/SEM & consulting company in northeastern Pennsylvania that has been involved in the growth of the internet since 1994. He recommends the following tips to help your website.

Tip #1 – Claim Local Listings
Local Listings are the listings that show up at or near the top of a search Engine Results Page (SERP) usually next to the Map. Google has letters inside of balloons and Bing uses numbers. The easiest way to see if a business exists locally is to go to the search engine Maps section and search for the company name in the town that the offices are located. If the company has been around for a few years, the business will be listed. There is a link on the page that will allow the business to be claimed. Take the time to fill in all the information and follow the instructions about how to validate ownership of the business. In some cases validation van be done via phone and pin number in just a few minutes. In other cases information will be sent out via postcard that shows up in a week to 10 days.

Tip #2 - Connect to Social Media
The business should have pages on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn as a minimum and the information in these pages should be current, accurate and expanding on a regular basis. The next step is simple, put the buttons for the Social sites the business uses into the website template with a link to the businesses page on the social site.

Tip #3 – Blog
Create a schedule for blogging efforts. It needs to be a regular schedule that should not be deviated from. The business also needs to decide what direction the blogging should take. Businesses have spent many hours trying to come up with topics to blog about but here is the secret; pick out the question that is asked the most. It doesn’t matter how simple it is. It is obviously important to those that ask. Create an answer for them and then post them to the blog on the next schedule date. Write down any questions received, write answers for them, schedule and post them. Next time someone calls and asks any of those questions, refer them to the website for details.

Tip #4 – Promote on Social Media
Simple enough – When Blogging, post a link to the blog on the social sites listed on your home page. If the business updates the site by adding pages or posting new products or services, write a short paragraph on each of the social sites with a link to the site.

Tip #5 – Get listed in Directories
Do a search for nearly any product or service the business has and the directories should be listed. Merchant Circle, About.com, Yahoo! Directory are a few that come to mind immediately. Almost all of the directories have a free listing section and most also have a paid listing as well. The free listings are what should be concentrated on for now. Once all has been done to Optimize the website using the free means, the business can then weigh the options and choose the best services for spending advertising dollars.
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