Evan Guthrie Law Firm Assists with Estate Planning Clinic for Charleston, SC Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation

Charleston, SC, November 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Evan Guthrie of the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina helped provide free wills and estate planning advice for a wills clinic held by Center For Heirs’ Property Preservation in St. George, SC on Saturday September 29th 2012. The Center For Heirs’ Property Preservation is a non-profit group that assists property owners in the heirs’ property process and holds events such as the wills clinic to prevent heirs’ property situations from occurring in the first place. Heirs' property is the name given to property that is owned by a group of family members that could be large in number after many generations and who are the descendants of the original purchaser. Title to the land is frequently owned in shares by the family members and is not clearly in one person’s name and can lead to difficulties in ownership. The center holds many wills clinics a year through organizations such as churches where a community may be at higher risk for an occurrence of heirs’ property and seeks to change the lives of those that are able to be served by the clinic. A simple will enables the probate court to better transfer title from a deceased person to whoever they name in their will and encourages family members to go through the probate process in a timely manner to prevent a situation where many decades go by without title to a piece of land being properly passed down to a successor generation.

The clinic was held at the Lovely Hill Baptist Convention Center In St. George, SC, which contained many different rooms and area for participants to have many wills done at the same time with a sense of privacy. St. George is the county seat for Dorchester County and the Lovely Hill Baptist Convention Center is located on the same road as the Dorchester County Probate Court. There were many attorneys and law students that were able to volunteer their time on a Saturday morning and afternoon to provide a valuable service for the local community. Attorney Evan Guthrie was joined by his law clerk Charlotte Allen at the clinic as they drafted six or seven wills for those that participated in the clinic. The clinic only provided simple wills for non-taxable estates that were valued under one million dollars at no cost. This was the third wills clinic that Attorney Guthrie has participated in with the Center For Heirs’ Property Preservation. Mr. Guthrie looks forward to being able to help with many more clinics for the center in the future.

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