Skillings Mining Review Starts LinkedIn Mining Group

Skillings Mining Review today unveiled a new addition to LinkedIn groups. The new Linkedin addition Skillings Mining Review Group features social media discussion for its growing social media community. Members of the LinkedIn Mining community can now interact directly with Skillings and its editorial staff to gain access to mining knowledge resources, insights and opportunities.

Walnut, CA, November 15, 2012 --( Skillings Mining Review LinkedIn invites mining professionals to join the LinkedIn group and to stay in contact with colleagues and global mining industry events.

Accelerate your career through referrals from fellow Skillings group members – for jobs, deals, partnerships, clients, supply chain, employees, and business opportunities.

To connect with your fellow members of Skillings on Linkedin, go to our Skillings Mining Review Linkedin Group and follow the online instructions. If you enter the email address used in your Skillings profile you'll be "pre-approved" for membership. Or send Skillings an email with your request to join. is the world's largest professional network. It has 150 million+ members, and provides members the ability to network with other professionals and engage thought leaders and in their professional network

New and expanded interactive modules and content in Skillings Mining Review include:

• Copper: Reports designed to advance knowledge and increase the strength of issues comprehension.
• Gold: This series offers readers real-world cases, results and challenges diagnosis.
• Iron Ore: A regular traditional series that covers critical data to the industry.
• Mining Finance: A regular feature that explores current and unknown findings related financing topics.
• Mining Industry Safety: Worldwide coverage of mission critical issues and related subjects, and groundbreaking research advancements
• Steel: Regular features,

Skillings will continue to showcase mining stories through its popular "Mining Industry Shipping" and "Mining Supply Chain" department features, that use reader-generated content to highlight issues and challenging topics.

In the coming months, Skillings will also re-launch its popular "Mining Mentors" as an editorial training tool, offering new industry readers (as well as seasoned pros) career training plans for navigating the demanding academic and professional path landscape.

"Mining Mentors has always been a destination for anyone looking to improve their everyday course of direction, from mind and body, to their professional relationships," said Chas Pitts, Skillings Publisher. “Our revised sections offers the same high-quality content that our readers expect, plus a number of new editorial features, delivered in print and digital forms containing modern, stimulating and interactive way that maximizes the subscribers knowledge."

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