Local Toy Store Donates to the Young Hurricane Victims - Everyone Has a Chance to Participate

Local Toy store will deliver toys to the young victims of Hurricane Sandy at shelters on Long Island.

Islandia, NY, November 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As much of the northeast recovers from Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter the following week, the online store www.EliteToyStore.com has decided to donate toys to the young hurricane victims in New York. Elite Toy Store is located on Long Island and is a local small business that wants to give back. Any individual who wants to help this cause can go to: Hurricane Sandy Donations. Having some joy in the midst of the chaos can make a big difference, especially for children, who are more likely to be scared and confused by the situation.

A full 10 days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, over 100,000 people on Long Island were still without power, and thousands of these people were displaced from their homes. Dozens of shelters are still hosting displaced households, but these shelters are already stretched to provide basic needs of food and a safe place to sleep. Kids are left without any of their usual comforts of home, including their toys.

In an effort to help kids in the shelters, the online toy store www.EliteToyStore.com has set up a link to make it easy for anyone to purchase toys to be delivered to the shelters. The toys are available at wholesale prices, so even a small donation goes a long way. Everyone is invited to purchase toys through the link between now and December 3rd. The toy store's staff members will deliver all of the donated toys to shelters on Long Island.

The owner of the company, when asked to comment on the project, responded "If we loose what matters in life, we loose everything. These children need to smile again."

These donations are one of the many tangible ways to support hurricane Sandy victims on Long Island. The recovery time for the region is still going to take a while, and the donated toys will help kids feel a little more at home during that time.

For additional information please contact Maria Shehata at (646)322 8365 or go to the website www.EliteToyStore.com
Maria Shehata
646 322 8365