Inauguration of North America’s First Commercial Scale Wasabi Site on Vancouver Island

10-Acre greenhouse development opens door to further research of wasabi’s amazing healing properties.

Vancouver Island, Canada, November 17, 2012 --( A 35-acre property north of Nanaimo is North America’s first and only commercial scale Wasabi operation.

What is wasabi? Most likely, the ‘wasabi’ that you have consumed with your sushi is not real wasabi at all. The spicy green paste is actually a mixture of horseradish, starch, mustard, and food colouring. The taste is unmatched compared to the real deal – and the health benefits may surprise you.

Aside from its culinary appeal, pharmaceutical research has identified naturally occurring compounds in wasabi that show promise in treating a wide variety of ailments such as allergies, eczema, stomach cancer and Alzheimer’s disease – a $200 billion biomedical market.

However, the demand for high-grade wasabi in the biomedical and culinary industries exceeds supply. Besides the challenge of producing enough wasabi within its limited Japanese ecosystem, elevated radiation levels in the wake of Japan’s 2011 nuclear accident continue to impact the quality of harvest, reducing the number of plants for sale. The Vancouver Island site is in a unique position to expand the global market for authentic wasabi – and provide scientists the amount of plants required for further R & D.

Vancouver Island, with its moderate temperatures and close proximity to water is ideal for growing wasabi. Historically grown in shade-covered streams in Japan, the plant has been notoriously difficult to grow outside of its natural environment—until now.

After decades of research, PhD Botanist, Dr. Brian Oates of Pacific Coast Wasabi Ltd. has perfected proprietary technology for growing contaminant free, high-grade wasabi on a commercial scale. His proven technique replicates a natural environment where conditions are carefully controlled in a greenhouse—no longer limiting wasabi to river streams.

North America’s first commercial wasabi site accommodates over 60 sizeable greenhouses, each about the size of a tennis court holding approximately 4900 plants. Using low volumes of water, this technology is sustainable, and has placed the industry at the precipice of an innovative transition from small-scale farms to successful mid-scale commercial production.

For more information about wasabi or about participating in the Vancouver Island production site, contact:

Michael Naprawa
c/o Pacific Coast Wasabi Ltd.
Pacific Coast Wasabi
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