IPTV Recipes Launches Beta - Premium Web Destination for Home Cooks and Food Enthusiasts

San Francisco, CA, July 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- IPTV Recipes (www.IPTVRecipes.com), the world's first premium Web destination for the home cook and food enthusiasts, today announced that it has launched its Beta site.

IPTV Recipes, owned and operated by Pure Verticals, Inc., sets the new standard for Web vertical communities. “Providing next-generation Web 2.0 tools within a site that has the look and feel of a beautiful food print magazine is only a fraction of what IPTV Recipes is all about”, says Ariel Wada, CEO of Pure Verticals, Inc., “On top of its superior form and high functionality, IPTV Recipes was architected to allow for new media delivery - IPTV; the ability to broadcast user generated cooking videos for home television viewing.”

IPTV Recipes has been thoughtfully designed to provide cooks everything they can possibly desire in a Web cooking community. Ariel notes, “For a Beta release, we are very happy with what we have launched with. I can’t discuss explicit details as of now, but IPTV Recipes has many more exciting features and services currently under development that we know our community will love.”

IPTV Recipes focuses on the community needs. “The vast majority of vertical sites launched today aren’t doing their homework”, notes Ariel, “most are deploying a ‘cookie cutter’ site, copying designs, functionality and flow processes the larger horizontal social network sites use. Though this approach allows for a quick site launch, it neglects the special needs of the vertical market they serve. An example of this is the video upload size they allow. Most video-based vertical Web communities out there either do not host the content they serve, which ultimately removes their ability to control content, or they limit their users to upload to only 100MB or so, which is about 5-8 minutes in video length. Unless you’re preparing toast, that is hardly enough time for a cook to show any level of detail in the recipe they are taping for broadcast."

IPTV Recipes provides cooks ample time to introduce their recipe and ingredients, and most importantly give step-by-step instructions on food preparation and cooking. Each recipe upload is allowed an astounding 1 gigabyte of video file size, more than enough space to record even a 5 course meal. And with unlimited recipe uploads, members will never have to worry about time or account space issues. IPTV Recipes also takes into consideration the majority of cooks who record videos using their mobile phones or digital cameras. These devices typically force users to upload multiple video files since each ‘stop’ of their device creates a new video file during their recipe taping sessions. Normally, this would require the user to either join the files together using video editing tools or they would have to upload all single files and name them “BBQ Ribs Part 1” and “BBQ Ribs Part 2”, forcing the audience to manually view each segment. On IPTV Recipes, members can easily upload multiple video files at the same time and have our system automatically ‘sew’ them together.

In addition to IPTV Recipes’ beautiful magazine-like interface and feature rich tools, it’s designed technically to allow for next-generation media delivery. All uploaded videos go through a process which provides not just Web site viewing, but also prepares videos to make them IPTV ready. “User generated video content is in demand on every platform in every country,” says Ariel, “look at iPhone's recent advertisements featuring YouTube and you will quickly realize the value a video-based vertical community has to IPTV content providers.” IPTV Recipes provides their members the ability to display their content on the Web, mobile phones and soon on home televisions through IPTV.

About Pure Verticals

Next-Generation Vertical Social Networks
Pure Verticals, Inc. was established by a team on a mission to make vertical social networks not just better, but enhance them in ways which will revolutionalize the way we understand them today. Pure Verticals combines traditional needs, innovative and tested technologies, and creative out-of-the-box ideas in order to extend the ultimate value of vertical social networks.

Combining the power of the internet with emerging and adopted media, Pure Verticals provides vertical networks with media distribution outlets which span the Web, television, mobile and other mass media channels. These vertical networks bring like-minded people together by delivering superior and premium experiences while developing innovative ways to broadcast themselves, interact and receive true value for their respective markets.

Who’s Behind Pure Verticals?
Ariel Wada has been designing Web community models since late 1999. He recognized early on the potential of vertical networks, if designed and managed properly. His previous work in gourmet food, music, MMA and real estate industries validated the common denominators he felt were absolutes for niche markets. In 2005, he and his wife Luanne decided to put together a company that specialized in developing services for select vertical markets. Gathering a special team of engineers, artists, software UI designers and vertical network visionaries who felt as passionate as they did about Web communities, they started development of their planned vertical networks. And after more than a year of very hard work, they proudly launched their first vertical - IPTV Recipes.

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