Cheaters Detective Agency Headquarters Launches Its National Web Mall Investing More Than $150,000.00 Into Its Development

Santa Ana, CA, July 18, 2007 --( Cheaters Detective Agency Headquarters is proud to announce that it has launched its national investigative web mall to serve its 75+ Cheaters Detective Agencies and their national pool of clients. The site boast streaming video presentations on all investigative topics, access to the agencies proprietary Online Case Management System and utilizes state of the art flash technologies effectively to keep the surfer entertained and comfortable during their visit.

A Grand Entrance:

No Web mall would be complete without a grand entrance and Cheaters Detectives provides a truly memorable grand entrance to its Hi-Speed viewers. The entrance page which is available at was custom developed from scratch taking over 1,000 hours of custom graphics and flash development to insure that each visitor is dazzled with the agencies use of hi-technologies. The entrance depicts a 1940’s era Detective Office. Each item in the room is authentic to the time and most offer animated actions as you hover over them. Each animated item of furniture within the room takes you to a different area of the web-mall including the website, office locations map, national spy shop, case management system etc. My favorite is the detective shadow seen through a classic frosted detective office glass door which takes you to the main web page, as you click on the door… the shadow reaches, the door knob wiggles, the door begins to screech as it opens…its straight out of an old murder mystery scene. This site is truly worth visiting for the entrance alone. For those without high-speed access their html entrance is not quite as grand but still offers the same powerhouse of information and videos at

Streaming Informational Videos:
The Web mall uses a lot of streaming video presentations to answer client’s questions about the vast investigative and security resources available to clients. The most popular video topics include Infidelity, Insurance Fraud, Accidents, Civil Investigations, and Criminal Investigations.

Case Management System:
Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Cheaters Detective Agencies full time computer development Team the national agency is supporting its quickly growing offices with the latest technologies in case management. Once clients learn about the agency and they can select the nearest office to them using the animated flash map that makes finding an office a breeze. Once they have spoken to an agent, the client will be able to login to the ultra secure case management system where they can monitor the progress on their case on the fly. As the agent completes work on the assignment, they simply make an entry into the client’s case and can upload critical data such as photos or videos from the field allowing the client to see the case progress in almost real time. This is a feature that clients love. Agents love the simplicity of the software, which is very intuitive and streamlines their paperwork tremendously while increasing the reporting results.

Cheaters Detective Agency Headquarters house one of the largest spy shops in the nation and is one of the only shops that custom builds technology packed spy equipment for custom needs. The spy shops internet site showcases a portion of the shops inventory and can be seen at The shop is well know for its development of the MARS Unit which stands for Mobile Audio Recording Device. The device no bigger then a stick of butter was able to record crystal clear conversations for over a week with any external power source and without any need to change out media tapes or batteries.

Office Event Showcase:
The web mall also offers a place to view past and present advertisements and media events submitted by each office and allow the viewer to vote awards for the best in category. Cheaters Detective Agency’s are known for their aggressive advertising and brand building techniques making them the largest and most powerful detective agency of its kind. The event showcase offers the office a chance to showcase the creative advertising that they are providing.

The Detective Agency Behind The Website:
Backed by national marketing from the widely popular and nationally syndicated TV show “CHEATERS,” CDA Business Services began licensing the name “Cheaters Detective Agency” to Private Detectives across the country earlier this year. For a small monthly flat fee, investigators across the Country are now getting “Brand Name Recognition” on a nationwide level. The Cheaters T.V. show gets approximately 14,000 to 16,000 infidelity inquiries each month, which are answered by the nearest Cheaters Detective Agency office. However, according to the Cheaters Detective Agency Headquarters CEO, that is only the “frosting on the cake” the real value is in the power of being a part of a national brand. Apparently this new empire of offices is amassing a tremendous amount of “pooled advertising” rather quickly and plans on purchasing a nationwide daily commercial on CNN starting August 1st, 2007. Detectives across the Country are eagerly signing up, many stating that they have always wanted to become a national brand themselves and this allows that dream to come true.

Just how well the Cheaters Detective Agencies efforts are going, seems pretty clear. They have added 74 offices this year alone which means they are currently keeping pace with such giants as The Apple Store1 (the nations fastest growing retailer) which reported opening a new store about every nine days. Cheaters Detective Agency has grown 200% in just the last quarter, which is clearly off the charts for any licensing effort, a number that would likely even impress the founders of McDonalds. When asked why they are such an instant success, the CEO answered, “because we came from the investigative trenches and know exactly what the agencies want and need, and we are giving them exactly that and more. Our web mall is the hub of our success as it links all of our offices and allows us to communicate and helps to drive the thousands of inquiries to our agencies nationwide.

According to the national spokesman, “The Cheaters Detective Agency brand provides each office with an instantly recognized brand name that sets them above their competition in their local market and offers them the opportunity to increase there advertising power by pooling their advertising with all offices nationwide. This pooled advertising coupled with a shared National Web Mall has been their recipe for success.

For more information on how to become a Cheaters Detective Agency Licensee please contact the sales department at (800) Cheaters option 3. Or visit the licensing opportunity section of the Web Mall at:

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