FoodPRO Hires Voluminant to Bring Machine and Cuisine to the Small Screen

Custom-produced interactive videos enhance hiring and boost retention

Washington, DC, July 19, 2007 --( FoodPRO, a distributor of food and supplies to restaurants, hotels and health care facilities, is using a new hiring tactic to reduce turnover and attract talented workers.

The growing Frederick, Maryland-based company is trying to convince potential new-hires how difficult their job would be, rather than paint a “rosy” picture of a job just to recruit them.

“We’re not exactly trying to talk candidates out of working for us,” explains Rich Walther, director of human resources. “We’re giving each prospect an accurate idea of the job challenges and expectations we have of our selectors and delivery drivers.”

To do this, FoodPRO hired Voluminant, a Washington, D.C. based firm that produces interactive videos to support the custom training it develops for clients. Voluminant scripted and produced short, fast-paced videos that overview a day in the life of warehouse employees and delivery drivers.

These "realistic job previews" accurately demonstrate the job challenges, demands and risks of each job. The videos improve each candidates’ knowledge of what to expect, if hired, and save FoodPRO time and effort during the early phase of the hiring process.

“I see it time after time,” said Christopher Stammer, CEO of Voluminant. “Someone gets hired, goes through orientation and goes to work. A week later, that new employee doesn’t show up.”

This happens because new-hires don’t completely understand the rigors and challenges of some jobs, Stammer explained. A second-hand, verbal description simply doesn’t do the trick.

“These videos connect expectation to reality.”

FoodPRO hired Voluminant because of their experience developing programs for Linens of the Week, Clyde’s Restaurants and U.S. Foodservice.

One Voluminant client attributed the videos to lowering turnover by 20 to 30 percent.

“The payoff from our investment in these hiring tools will come from reduced turnover, applicants having a full understanding of job expectations, and their having the ability and desire to meet expectations,” states Walther.

About FoodPRO and Voluminant
FoodPRO is Frederick, Maryland-based wholesale food and service supply distributor, serving Mid-Atlantic clientele for over 70 years. Voluminant helps companies reduce operating costs and improve products, service or safety. For more information, contact Jordan Furbee, FoodPRO Marketing Resource Manager, at (301) 663-3171/; or Chris Stammer, CEO of Voluminant, at (703) 395-0079/

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