SeatSync Ticket Exchange Application Now Available for iOS Devices

Coordineat, Inc. has released SeatSync, the mobile ticket exchange application, for iOS devices.

Chicago, IL, November 21, 2012 --( Coordineat, Inc. is excited to announce that its mobile ticket application, SeatSync, has been approved and is now available for download on iPhone and iPad.

SeatSync is a mobile application that connects buyers and sellers of tickets to a community of other fans. According to Forrester research, the secondary ticket marketplace has been estimated to be a $4.5B industry, and is still growing. Unfortunately for fans, this marketplace is currently dominated by fee-intensive services and ticket brokers. SeatSync aims to provide a low-fee, convenient platform that directly connects local buyers and sellers of tickets.

Using SeatSync, users post tickets for sale based on their desired location to complete a transaction – often their home, workplace, or a location close to an event venue. Buyers can then search for tickets available based key features such as location and price, agreeing to purchase tickets that are conveniently located. SeatSync software facilitates the transaction, enabling the buyer and seller to quickly agree to meet at a specific time and place listed in the seller’s ticket listing.

Learn more about the SeatSync app, and download SeatSync for your iOS devices at
Coordineat, Inc.
Graham Thornton