Abandoned Dogs of Puerto Rico to Benefit from Rescue Chocolate Company

New York, NY, November 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The abandoned dogs of Puerto Rico will be the focus in December for the Rescue Chocolate company, which recently named The Sato Project to receive a month’s worth of profits from chocolate sales.

The Sato Project was founded about a year ago. A non-profit organization, it is dedicated to rescuing the abandoned and abused animals of Puerto Rico, particularly those who find themselves dumped on the notorious Dead Dog Beach.

Volunteers with the rescue group visit the beach everyday—rain or shine--providing food, fresh water, and affection. When funds allow, they transport animals to a local veterinarian for treatment of various ailments such as heartworm, parasites, and distemper. Once the dogs are back to health, they are flown to the United States where potential adoptive families await.

“Sato” is Puerto Rican slang for street dog or mutt. Often the local populace views the dogs as a public menace. So in addition to rescuing dogs, The Sato Project aims to shift people’s perceptions about the animals.

Rescue Chocolate owner Sarah Gross said her company usually partners with rescue programs based wholly in the United States, where many homeless animals mark time in municipal shelters waiting for adoption. “But I’m going a little bit afield for December,” she said, “because this group really commutes death sentences. The so-called shelters in Puerto Rico have a 99% kill rate.”

Rescue Chocolate was founded in January 2010 with the idea that all profits would be donated to animal rescue organizations. To date, hundreds of groups have received a share of the profits, including Red Rover, the Jerusalem SPCA, and NYC Rescued Kitties.

However, Gross cautions that while sales ultimately benefit the animals, her chocolate products are only for human consumption. Rescue Chocolate’s bars and truffles are vegan, kosher, handcrafted, and packaged in eco-friendly materials. Additionally, the chocolate used for the bars is certified as organic and fair-trade.

Each Rescue Chocolate flavor is named after an issue important in the world of animal rescue. For example, there are bars called Peanut Butter Pit Bull (which aims to rehabilitate the image of this misunderstood breed), Pick Me! Pepper (urging people to pick out their next four-legged companion at a shelter rather than a pet store), Foster-iffic Peppermint (pointing out the benefits of fostering a homeless animal even if one can’t ultimately adopt), The Fix (emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering), and Mission Feral Fig (highlighting the humane management of feral cat colonies).

Products are sold in retail outlets around the country as well as online. To learn more about Rescue Chocolate or to order products benefiting The Sato Project, visit www.RescueChocolate.com. For more information on The Sato Project, visit http://thesatoproject.org.

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