PieSync Connects Highrise and Google Apps

After 6 months of extensive beta testing, PieSync launches their web-based service bringing Highrise contacts to Gmail and thus to smartphones without needing an app.

Gent, Belgium, November 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- PieSync, a company founded by three Computer Science majors (University of Ghent) Mattias Putman, Ewout Meyns and Simon Buelens, publicly launched their web-based service integrating Highrise and Google Apps on Thursday November 15 after six months of extensive beta testing. The application automatically distributes all Highrise client information to each employee’s Gmail contact list and checks it for updates every two minutes. This allows users to also sync these contacts with their mobile phone. A Gmail gadget providing interaction with Highrise data from within every email is announced for December 2012.

PieSync focuses on companies using Google Apps and Highrise. Google Apps is the productivity suite from Google containing Gmail, Google Calendar et al. Highrise is a small business CRM and web-based contact manager developed by 37signals. PieSync provides the “missing necessary glue between Highrise and Google Contacts,” according to Christophe Philemotte, co-founder of B2B startup 8th color, “It's a real pain to manually synchronize the contacts between different accounts, and to import them from Highrise. PieSync does that very well. It becomes so normal that you'll forget that you use it.”

It all started over a year ago, when Mattias Putman, co-founder and lead developer, wanted to get his Highrise contacts on his Android device. If he could find a way to have them synchronize to his Google contacts, his problems would be solved. Looking for an answer online showed that hundreds of companies were also searching for this kind of solution. 37signals responded they wanted to keep their software simple and customers should turn to third-party developers. This is when the idea for the business began to grow.

PieSync has been in closed beta since May of this year, with users including web agencies, consulting firms and all other forms of service businesses. “It makes my professional life much easier and has already saved many frustrations of not having the right customer details with me whenever/wherever I needed it,” says Bram Callewier, CEO of Stoneasy, an importer of natural stone from Belgium. With last week’s launch, PieSync is now available as a 14-day free trial for everyone to install through the Google Apps marketplace.

Along with the launch, PieSync announced a Gmail gadget providing easy access to Highrise data from within Gmail will be available in December 2012. This gadget is automatically shown below every incoming or outgoing email and collects all related Highrise information such as tasks, deals and cases connected to any mentioned person. It will also provide the possibility to add emails as notes to a given person in Highrise with the push of a button.

For more information visit http://www.piesync.com

Contact Simon Buelens (simon@piesync.com) for press inquiries.
Simon Buelens