New Women’s Online Magazine Launches – "Men Don’t Get It"

Helena, AL, July 19, 2007 --( The fact that the Women’s Online Magazine has chosen a fish with a soft Texas twang to announce the premier of this new Internet forum should clue readers to expect more from this online periodical than its competition.

“Women’s Online Magazine is for high-powered women wanting to cut loose from their normal routines and enjoy a good laugh, learn a new hobby, or make new friends,” said Editor-in-Chief Rima McDonald. “Our editorial board consists of women with varied backgrounds and experience, but who are united in the vision of creating an online magazine where women can connect, relax, have fun, and experience the world in a whole new way,” she continued.

Jackie O’Neal has been appointed the editor of the Women’s Online Magazine. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, O’Neal has worked as a reporter, journalist, columnist, English professor, radio producer, and was recently ordained as an Old Catholic priest. “I enjoy writing. I especially enjoy writing for online audiences. First, there is the challenge of preparing concise copy that grabs the attention of today’s readers. Second, there is a challenge in using words that will be picked up on search engine hits because you want your work to be read by as many people as possible. Third, I just enjoy sharing information with people and helping expand their field of reference to the world around them,” said O’Neal.

She has accomplished this last goal very admirably as charity columnist for another online site. For the last year, she has introduced readers to organizations and people who are making a difference in the world. “I try to bring attention to people and organizations of great merit who are not as well-known as other non-profit or charitable institutions,” explained O’Neal.

O’Neal will also be writing her own column for the magazine. “It’s titled Positively Beauty, and I’ll be sharing information on new products, things women can do to enhance inner and outer beauty, as well as discuss some of the people in the beauty and fashion industry and how they are giving back to the community,” she explained. The magazine will also include columns on topics such as sexuality, life, happiness on the job, balancing life challenges, health, fitness, hobbies/crafts, cooking, travel, and so much more.

“The more,” explained McDonald, “comes from our ability to stream audio and video files in the columns.” Columnists will be able to upload video and audio files, and will also host weekly radio shows about their columns. “Readers will be able to call in to the radio via telephone or computer and chat about an event, hobby, or just shoot the breeze with their favorite columnists,” McDonald continued. McDonald already has success in developing podcasts. Her Business Resources Podcast Directory currently resides at the top of Google’s search list.

The magazine is currently seeking writers for its columns. The public is also encouraged to list events and classified ads free of charge on the site.

Women's Online Magazine
Jennifer Bays