Top 5 Vehicle Features to Be Thankful for from

Convenience, comfort, and safety are key themes of the vehicle features we appreciate this Thanksgiving.

Kettering, OH, November 22, 2012 --( As people across the U.S. take time to reflect on what they’re most thankful for this holiday season, the team has identified its top five vehicle features to be thankful for in helping keep friends and family safe while on the road (See list:

5 Thankful-worthy Features

1. Navigation Systems: Navigation systems have helped drivers stay focused on the road. People can listen to the voice commands for directions, rather than looking down at a printed map or squinting to see signs ahead. Navigation systems also help drivers who make a wrong turn get back on the correct route, saving time by not having to pull over and ask for directions.

2. Keyless Entry: This feature seems so common that people may have forgotten that, not too long ago, drivers needed to unlock their vehicles with a key. Now, drivers and passengers can enjoy the convenience of piling into their car with the simple press of a button and can also locate their vehicle in a crowded lot thanks to the panic button function on key fobs.

3. Voice Commands: Voice commands on vehicles have allowed drivers to keep two hands on their steering wheel while still changing the radio station, making a phone call, or adjusting the temperature settings. Thanks to this technology, drivers also can send a text through the voice command feature, which is far safer when operating a vehicle than manually entering the text – which is illegal in many states.

4. Heated Mirrors, Seats, and Steering Wheels: Whether you’re age one or 100, people hate to be cold. Many vehicles are now equipped with additional heating functions to keep everyone in the car comfortable. The heating of your steering wheel and seats can help you stay warm, while heated mirrors can help improve visibility by melting ice quickly.

5. Rearview and Blind Spot Cameras: SUVs, big trucks, and 7-passenger vans have become common on the road, which often affects drivers’ ability to see what’s next to them or behind them. The introduction of cameras has helped drivers be more aware of their surroundings and improve visibility inside and outside of the car. is designed to help consumers locate the car that best fits with what they want to buy. To search for a vehicle nearby with this list of features, visit

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