WebShark360 Introduces New Attorney Marketing Information Resource

Attorney marketers WebShark360 introduced its newest attorney marketing information resource with enhanced client focused features.

Irvine, CA, November 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- WebShark360 introduced its newest attorney marketing information resource today, a streamlined website and blog offering the best attorney marketing information online. WebShark360’s newest redesign was introduced to offer attorneys a one stop attorney marketing information resource. From the team known for its innovation and results, WebShark360’s client focused approach provides attorneys with the attorney marketing help they need.

WebShark360 has long emphasized quality and value in their approach to attorney marketing. Their newest attorney marketing information resource places an emphasis on helping attorney marketers improve their marketing. WebShark360 offers insight into attorney marketing strategy, digital marketing tools, and how to leverage the current technological landscape to work for law firms of any size. This exciting new resource has already been recognized by clients as both informative and entertaining.

Said CEO Steve Mehr, “We noticed that many people didn’t know much about marketing or why we pursued certain strategies. This new attorney marketing resource blog offers clients valuable insight into our techniques, the digital tools available, and how to maximize their effectiveness. Clients have told us its great to be able to log on and educate themselves about how marketing is working for their business.”

WebShark360 is encouraging consumers to log on and find out how WebShark360’s attorney marketing information resource can help law firms of all sizes. http://webshark360.com With daily updates, WebShark360 offers attorneys a wonderful attorney marketing information resource that can change a business dramatically. Attorneys are encouraged to call today to find out how WebShark360 can benefit their business.

About WebShark360:
WebShark360 is a comprehensive legal marketing and SEO company. With resources ranging from public relations and social media, tv and media buying, website creation, brand management, and SEO, WebShark360 seeks to define itself as a one stop shop for law firms and legal support businesses. The WebShark360 difference is value driven results. For more information, contact WebShark360 at (800) 939-4850 and find us online at http://webshark360.com
Catherine Hess