Sorensen Systems Launches New Website Focused on Industrial Motion Control Systems

Sorensen Systems, a subsidiary of THG Corporation of Massachusetts, has launched a specialized new website dedicated to the needs of industrial manufacturers seeking motion and control industrial systems utilizing hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation technology.

Northborough, MA, November 22, 2012 --( Sorensen Systems, a subsidiary of THG Corporation, today announced that it had launched a new website,, to introduce its engineered system design/build services to a national market. As a subsidiary of THG Corporation of Northborough, MA, Sorensen Systems LLC has been providing engineering design and fabrication support for the New England-based company for the past 25 years.

According to Mark Ferland, President of Sorensen Systems, LLC, the company has established a reputation for expertise in component selection, design, fabrication and installation of integrated systems such as electro-hydraulic governors, water-to-wire turbine generator systems, gate and valve operator systems, and hydro power station automation. The new website introduces its expanded capabilities for such products and services such as:

- Industrial control panels
- Lubrication systems
- Hydraulic power units
- Machine automation
- Mobile take off systems
- Pneumatic panel assemblies
- Hose and tubing assemblies

In making the announcement about the new website, Ferland said, “Today, we are introducing ourselves on a national, rather than regional level, to the growth markets such as Defense, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Alternative Energy, Amusement Attractions, and General Industrial Machinery.”

The website describes the major markets and the custom machine design/build capabilities of Sorensen Systems. Examples of systems presented on the website include a wire compacting system for China, an oil pumping system for Egypt, hydraulic power units for Argentina, weapons cooling systems now onsite in the Middle East, and a variety of industrial systems installed in North America.

One unusual system featured on the website was destined for an Argentina steel mill. Local requirements for safety indicated the hydraulic power units and lubrication stands had to be painted a bright pink color. “It was a first for us; finding the exact shade of pink that met the customer’s specifications,” said Mike Gardella, VP of Engineering and Manufacturing. “We are dedicated to meeting customer requirements, but this was interesting to say the least,” he added.
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