The Second Release in the Popular Series of Apps for Kids by Moms Learn World Geography and National Flags with "Geo Challenge!"

“Geo Challenge!”, a new app designed to teach kids about world geography, maps and flags is now available for Smartphone and tablet PCs (iOS/Android).

Tokyo, Japan, November 22, 2012 --( Xing Corporation (HQ: Mizuho, Nagoya, Japan CEO Atsushi Yoshida) has launched “Geo Challenge!”, an app designed to teach kids about world geography, maps and flags for Smartphone and tablet PCs (iOS/Android).

This app is the second in a series designed by the Sumaho Mama Group (Sumaho=an abbreviation of Smart Phone in Japanese), a collection of working moms dedicated to devising fun and exciting apps for kids.

The first installment in this series is the popular "Tap and Sing Along Picture Book" (Available in Japan as “Tacchi! Ugouku Utaehon”), where kids can enjoy karaoke and other activities through active movement and tapping the screen.

“Geo Challenge!” is available in both English and Japanese and following its release in Japan, has been made available to over 182 countries, created for children all over the world. A product primarily targeted at kids from kindergarten to elementary school, it contains authentic and comprehensive educational content sourced from the 193 countries of the United Nations. The rich menu topics, which include “Spinning Globe”, “Map Puzzle”, “Map Quiz”, “Flag Flash Cards” and “Flag Quiz”, encourage learning while having fun.

The showcase feature of the menu is the “Spinning Globe”, where touching the screen lets you spin a globe pinned with world flags, allowing the user to easily grasp their position in relation to other countries of the world. In addition to being able to hear greetings of each country in their native language, basic information such as capital city, language, currency and population is presented, enriching a child’s knowledge of the countries of the world while simultaneously eliciting their desire to learn.

Other additional activities include “Map Puzzle”, where every country is made into a puzzle piece that can be fit onto a blank map, “Map Quiz”, in which the user must guess the name of designated countries on the map, “Flag Flash Cards”, encouraging memory by stimulating your listening and visual senses, and “Flag Quiz”, where the user guesses the name of a country from its flag. These varied features can boost your child’s knowledge of countries of the world.

By clearing different levels in the puzzles and quizzes, the user gains commemorative stamps and randomly distributed stickers (20 types in all), plus a surprise that can only be unlocked by finishing all games, ensuring that this feature-packed app holds your child’s interest while educating in an entertaining way.

Up to 3 player profiles can be registered with their own in-game passport. In addition to being able to record your name and photo in your passport, you can select a suitcase in any of 3 colors on which stickers can be collected from the puzzles and quizzes. From competing with siblings to discussing the countries of the world with their parents, this app fosters communication among the family in a variety of ways.

From "Tap and Sing Along Picture Book" to our current app, our company is committed to producing new offerings in this series, creating applications for kids by moms. Keep an eye out for our new products.

5 choice menu

“Spinning Globe” with comprehensive list of 193 countries

Detailed information and vocal greetings from each country

Create a passport with photo

Fun learning tricks

Enjoy switching between English and Japanese

-- Geo Challenge! App summary --
Title : Geo Challenge! World Map and Flag Master for Kids
+Platform : iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet
+Price : $4.99
:Try it free! : “Spinning Globe” (12 countries), “Map Puzzle”, “Map Quiz”, “Flag Flash Cards”, “Flag Quiz (Oceania)”
Try out the free version of Geo Challenge! Free World Map and Flag Master for Kids

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