Online Spiritual Lessons Offered by Unlocking Mystic to Develop True Psychic Potential

Misty Woodard, a professional psychic teacher and spiritual counselor, offers an online psychic course designed to help people reach their true psychic and spiritual potential.

Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 2012 --( When the word “psychic” comes to mind, one often thinks of a mysterious woman wrapped in multi-colored shawls with a glowing crystal ball in a dark room. Most people think of a “psychic ability” as a supernatural, yet unattainable, phenomenon that some people just happen to be born with, or perhaps in the possession of a great psychic often times featured on television or heard on the radio. But Misty Woodard, an experienced psychic teacher and spiritual counselor of Los Angeles California, says not so. Ms. Woodard declares that anyone could learn how to become a psychic with her new online fourteen day web course called Unlocking Your Psychic Potential, launched under the website called Unlocking Mystic. This course offers a vast change from the multitude of “psychic readings” offered by many businesses, as instead of offering psychic readings or fortune tellings, the program aims to guide people in becoming psychic themselves.

The stated mission of Unlocking Your Psychic Potential is to help people realize their true psychic potential and to develop genuine psychic ability within two weeks. “Everyone is born with an innate psychic ability. But very few people ever find out how to actually use that power to improve their life. That’s why I created this course to help people finally reach their true potential to become the happy, healthy human being that they were destined to be, with my Unlocking Your Psychic Potential online course,” says Ms. Woodard. The website course not only aims to help people develop psychic powers, but also to use those psychic powers for the benefit and improvement of their own lives. The online e-course is designed to unveil what a person’s sixth sense can truly do for the betterment of their life as well as the lives of people around them.

The Unlocking Your Psychic Potential e-course offers a fantastic insight into the many years of psychic and spiritual experiences that Ms. Woodard has experienced over a span of over fifteen years. Through a series of detailed lessons, pictorial diagrams, specially designed worksheets, meditation videos, journals, and many other useful resources, the psychic course is all about helping members to self-realization and achieve a great learning experience that will alter the course of their life. The course is designed in simple, easy to follow, step-by-step lessons that can quickly help people achieve their life goals and dreams. The e-lessons include a sprinkling of personal psychic experiences that Ms. Woodard has gone through in her spiritual and psychic journey to self-realization. “I never realized that I could develop psychic abilities until I enrolled Misty’s course,” says Beth from New Jersey. “The course was very helpful in guiding me to reach my goals and achieve more that I ever thought I could.”

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