Introduces Path Breaking Online Concepts for the Indian Real Estate Industry and Expands Its Online Real Estate Services to Major Metros in India

OnGaia, India's Favorite Real Estate Portal presents users with a whole new experience for buying, selling, renting, leasing property or any other commercial or residential real estate activity in any corner of the country. OnGaia has also recently introduced new concepts like the Real estate Agent Network, Joint Venture Zone and Investment in Approved Plots.

Chennai, India, July 28, 2007 --( The real estate market in India is going through an unprecedented phase of growth and insatiable demand. As this demand for property grows, buyers and sellers are looking for new ways to meet and strike deals. presents the perfect interface for buying, selling, renting, leasing, developing and any related real estate activity. provides every individual with the ideal platform to search for and find the property of his dreams. The easy-to-use interface allows even lay users of the internet to quickly find their way through all the postings of property for sale and property required to locate a prospective buyer or seller. And the wide reach of the internet allows people from the far corners of the world to buy and sell property from the comfort of their homes. Through OnGaia one has the freedom to choose from a large pool of prospective buyers or sellers to strike the perfect deal.

In addition to serving as the perfect medium for individual buyers and sellers of property to meet, OnGaia also provides the opportunity for Builders and Realtors to showcase themselves. Builders and Promoters of residential and commercial buildings can highlight the newest projects and attract prospective buyers. All this at costs that are marginal compared to huge amounts they may have to spend on advertising to reach the same buyers. Since OnGaia also selects very few participants for this activity the Builders/Realtors are assured that their names are really brought to the forefront.

For anyone registering on the site OnGaia offers posting properties required for buying/renting/leasing and properties for sale/rent/lease (one each for commercial and residential) at absolutely no cost. OnGaia has packages for individual property owners who may need to make just a single posting or for agents/builders who may require multiple postings. Some packages get you more exposure on property searches while others give you more visibility on the home page. But you can rest assured that all of their range of packages will give you added advantages.

The new, improved OnGaia interface offers a rich array of features and innovative concepts. Among these are:

1. City specific pages for top Indian cities (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida and Pune) with high real estate activity. The city specific pages offer an easier way to find buyers or sellers in the city you desire. It also has the Premium builders, Premium realtors and Hot property sections as in the home page but with only listings from the chosen city.

2. Online payment gateway for builders, realtors and others who purchase the featured packages.

3. Hot properties section lets agents/brokers to purchase make themselves visible on the home page at a very low cost. This visibility combined with an offering of unlimited postings allowed for them will give them a unique presence which they can utilize to reach all their contacts.

4. New section on various topics that anyone interested in real estate will always require. These include Home Loans, Property Rates and the latest Property news from across the country.

OnGaia has recently introduced three path breaking online concepts for the real estate industry. Each of these caters to the requirements of different categories of players in the real estate scenario.

Real Estate Agent Network
Become a registered agent on OnGaia’s Real Estate Agent Network and enjoy a host of amazing benefits

- Receive regular updates on any property search that is happening in your area of operation.
- More clients and greater scope of activity enabling small agents to increase their reach.
- Finish deals in a fraction of the time that it currently takes.
- Expose your property availability and requirement to a global audience
- Satisfy your clients by finishing deals for them anywhere across the country

Joint Venture Zone for Builders and Property Owners
Since land is becoming scarce in the metros, builders are now looking to promote joint venture along with land owners for newer constructions. OnGaia provides an interface where builders can state their requirements and land owners can choose which builder they would like to enter into a joint venture with. This feature brings participants a number of advantages.

- Announce your requirement of property for joint development to a worldwide audience
- Move out of operating in your local neighbourhood. Find property for development in any town/city.
- Expose your expertise and experience in joint ventures to clinch new projects Investment Opportunities in Approved Plots

Residents of Metros are increasingly looking for real estate investment options. Since most of the land developers are promoting land in the suburbs and recently in Tier ii and Tier iii cities it is difficult for one to know about the availability of such options. Enlist in OnGaia’s approved plots listing and watch your projects sell like hot cakes.

- Land developers come into prominence and showcase their ventures to attract the investors.
- Investors have more choices to choose from.
- Find buyers quickly and easily
- Spend only a fraction of the cost you would need on normal marketing channels

These new concepts are available for the first time on an online interface - OnGaia.

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