Road Networks to Get Smarter

New Uses for Under Utilized Highway Call Boxes

San Jose, CA, July 20, 2007 --( Telepathx ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) a division of the Melbourne Australia based communication developer announced today that it has started producing a low cost re-active RFID (radio frequency identification) sensor monitoring module that will be embedded within existing roadside emergency telephones, a simple move that makes our highways and arterial roads networks a lot smarter and safer.

The development of the ECB access point module said April Sommers company spokesperson is a very clever use of under utilized assets, with the advent of cellular technology many of these ‘call boxes’ we see on the side of the road now just sit there idle, sometimes for months at a time.

Now Sommers ads they will be put to work around the clock scanning roads and sensor tagged infrastructure for accidents, incidents and hazardous conditions for transport and emergency services and that is a real benefit to motorist.

James Eades Telepathx CEO said the development is leading the company to what is considered by many as the wholly grail in intelligent transport and emergency services technology and that is very low cost auto embedded solution for monitoring and detecting off road accidents and highway rear-enders.

Eades said the company was nearly finished in developing a very low cost $1-2 dollar solution that potentially could be embedded into autos and would alert transport and emergency services of the location of single and multiple car collisions even if they had driven off the road and were hidden by passers by.

Consumer privacy is an issue that they have given a great deal of thought too Sommers added, they can confirm that any auto embedded device won’t contain private information about the owner or the vehicles identification numbers, but rather it will just identify what type or classification of vehicle is involved in the incident like semi trucks & trailers, passenger cars or possibly even motorcycles at a later stage.

Telepathx Ltd is at the forefront of reactive sensor network technology and is leading the effort in developing the world’s first intelligent energy network in Australia where they will provide community bushfire and auto collision monitoring services from fixed RFID access points, further information can be obtained at website.

Telepathx Ltd
April Sommers