Reshaping an Industry Takes a Lot of Work. Affordable Technology Foundation is Taking It Head On.

Affordable Technology Foundation to offer free and reduced cost tech support to individuals and families in need.

Gig Harbor, WA, November 28, 2012 --( Affordable Technology Foundation is taking the tech support industry and turning it on its head. No longer will you need deep pockets to get quality tech support. Affordable Technology Foundation is using a tiered income based system to “award” people with free tech support products and services, and the best part about this is the program is funded by the tech industry itself. It’s a win win situation for everybody involved. Today’s society relies more and more on computers, the internet and technology related items for their everyday activities.

Enter Tamika, a single mother of 3 working feverishly just to make ends meet and support her young family. Employer cutbacks have forced her position to be removed and she is now out of work. Her computer is down so she goes directly to companies to try submitting her application. Nine out of ten companies tell her to apply on their website. Tamika is out of work, low on funds and has a broken computer. This is not a good combination. That is where Affordable Technology Foundation can help. The system works and it works well. Tamika, being out of work can apply for assistance, once qualified she gets the help she needs with her computer, get’s back online, applies for jobs and gets hired. This is only one scenario out of many where Affordable Technology Foundation can benefit People and the community.

“If they qualify, we’re going to fix their computer problem and we’re not going to make them them pay for it,” explains Jessie, President and co-founder.

Qualification for the program uses the current federal poverty guidelines as a basis for receiving benefits. Using 130% of the federal poverty level for free support, 150% for a 66% discount and 170% for a 33% discount. A single mother with two children can get free support if her total family income is $2069 or less monthly.

“I wish this type of service had been available last year,” explained an individual who was asked questions during their feasibility study.

All said, this is a great concept and Affordable Technology Foundation is definitely on the right track. Seeing a company who is providing a glimmer of hope in a tech driven world filled with roadblocks is a refreshing sight.

About Affordable Technology Foundation
Affordable Technology Foundation was founded in November of 2012, is based out of Gig Harbor, Wa and is reaching out nationally. The program is explained well in their mission statement:

It is our mission to open technological doors to those in the community, who, without our services might otherwise be inaccessible, and to bridge the gap between affordability and the benefits of technology, including access to products, services, repair, education and training.
Affordable Technology Foundation
Alan Fischbach