International Toxicology Summit & Expo

International Toxicology Summit & Expo-2012 an international summit organized by OMICS Group will bring together scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and investors to envision and share the advancement in the emerging field of Toxicology.

San Antonio, TX, November 28, 2012 --( After the generous response and active participation from across the globe it takes immense pleasure to announce the distinguished speakers for Toxicology-2012 with the theme “To Share Recent Scientific Developments in the Field of Toxicology”. Among them some of the leading researchers are M. Michael Swindle, Professor and Chairman for Department of Comparative Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina USA; Rajat Sethi, Assistant Dean at the Texas A&M Health Science Center-College of Nursing, USA; Noreen Khan Mayberry, Science and Aeronautics Research Directorate NASA, USA; Daniel N Weber, Senior Scientist and Manager of the Neurobehavioral Toxicology Facility, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA; Yongmin Liu, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA; Wolfgang Zacharias, University of Louisville, USA; Stephanie Seveau, Ohio State University, USA; Narayan C. Rath,United States Department of Agriculture/ARS, USA; Margarita C. Curras-Collazo, University of California, USA.

The conference will address the latest advancements in pharmaceutical toxicology, pediatric toxicology, environmental issues etc. with the future proactive guidelines. The attending delegates include Editorial Board Members of related OMICS Group Journals, leading entrepreneurs, and researchers. Toxicology-2012 has attracted more than 70 participants around the globe with thought provoking Keynote lectures, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. It aims to unite, educate, and motivate every attendee towards advancement of this field.

Come and connect with colleagues to soak up with the latest opinions, trends and insights from Toxicology-2012 delegates.

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