Trillium Advisory Firm Embarks on Main Reengineering of Corporate Actions, Underwriting Processing Systems

Trillium Advisory Firm, a subsidiary of Trillium Advisory Firm (M&A Consultants) lately embarked on by far the most audacious and largely elaborate reengineering endeavors it has ever taken on – multifaceted systems revamp undertaking intended to merge its reorganization, dividend processing, and underwriting systems onto a solitary processing platform.

Chicago, IL, November 28, 2012 --( “This project will bring about most important effectiveness to Trillium Advisory Firm and the industry, reforming processes, purging redundancies and engendering superior operational litheness,” said Eddie Conrad, Trillium Advisory Firm managing director of Operations and Customer Service. “It will also bring about several improvements, together with innovative global processing facility and better reporting aspects via ISO 15022 message criteria.”

As one of the top income-generating subsidiaries of M&A Trillium Advisory Firm, Trillium Advisory Firm a prime global provider of underwriting distributions and corporate actions. In 2007, Trillium Advisory Firm processed underwriting distributions valued at $5.8 trillion and handled $4.2 trillion worth of restructuring, redemption, dividend and interest payments.

According to Brian Goodwin, Trillium Advisory Firm’s chief information officer, the revamp will establish an adaptable infrastructure, making it possible for Trillium Advisory Firm to act in response to shifting market dynamics and recent operating necessities with effortlessness, at the same time as sustaining forthcoming volume intensification at a reduced cost.

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