Does the Festive Period Make You Anxious? Pathways Hypnotherapy Could Help You Enjoy a Merrier Christmas.

Basildon, United Kingdom, November 29, 2012 --( Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is full of festive happiness... that's the idea, right? Well, not everyone is looking forward to a merry Christmas with their friends and family. Basildon hypnotherapist Victoria says, "For some people the Christmas holiday period only serves to increase already existing stress, depression or anxiety.

"The festive season is full of additional stresses and strain from all the parties and social events, financial worries and extra shopping to be done, some people might be trying to cope with bereavements or illness. The thought of Christmas approaching might fill you with dread and make you feel anxious or make your existing anxiety feel ten times worse."

"Although the thought of spending time with your family at Christmas should be one of joy and fun, it is often far from the truth. Being stuck at home with people you often don't see for months at a time can be stressful to say the very least."

She goes on to add, "The stress of the festive season should not be taken lightly; it might make you tense, grumpy, give you trouble sleeping or you may turn to emotional eating or drink more to comfort yourself; while all about you everyone else seems contented and relaxed."

Anxiety disorders are fast on the increase in England and more and more people are going to their doctor with some form of mental health issue. Victoria says, "You may try to soldier on alone – 'grin and bear' it if you like, but you don't have to. Nor do you have to pop pills to feel better. You have alternatives."

Hypnotherapy, from Pathways Hypnotherapy in Basildon, could help you with relaxation and help you cope with the Christmas confusion and chaos. As Victoria explains, "Sometimes past issues will create disharmony and anxiety, hypnosis could help you learn to deal with your problems; put negative issues behind you, so you can move forward and enjoy life without worrying about the past. It could help you focus on what it is you want to achieve and stop you fretting about what might go wrong, be it weight loss, a good nights sleep or coping with anxiety; think positive and be positive."

"As a hypnotherapist in Basildon it's a great feeling to know I can help people deal with their anxiety and have a much merrier Christmas!" As a recent Pathways Hypnotherapy client review states; "I have come away with some very useful life skills and I am now feeling very confident and focused and the anxiety now is a thing of the past."

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