PosturePiP Ltd. Helping Modern Employees Improve Their Posture with Innovative PIP Application

Crawley, United Kingdom, November 29, 2012 --( UK-based PosturePiP Ltd. has recently announced the release of their innovative workplace enhancement product, Posture Improving Pet (PIP). PIP is a software application that has been designed to remind and encourage professionals to periodically perform neck pain relief exercises during their work day in order to enhance both their level of workplace satisfaction and their productivity.

Through the utilisation of easy-to-follow animated exercises carried out on-screen by their virtual pet, PIP users will gradually become accustomed to following a quick exercise schedule throughout the working day. Workers are incentivised to follow their workout routine by being given points that enhance the health of their virtual pet each time they follow their required exercises.

Companies can benefit tremendously from this new innovation through the fact that the PIP application can actively reduce absenteeism as a result of work related illnesses within their organisation. This type of absenteeism has been shown in recognised industry studies to cost companies over £600 per employee each year. In addition, this innovative software application is designed to support current OH&S requirements for employers and offers on-going reminders, training and rewards to encourage an actively lifestyle for all users.

The ROI in helping employees to improve their posture is clear. It can improve in-house productivity considerably while providing a healthier working environment for every member of staff.

To learn more about PosturePiP Ltd. and the PIP application, please contact the company directly or visit their website at to view a software demonstration.
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