PMI & APP Release New Websites

Porous Materials, Inc. and Advanced Pressure Products release new websites, concentrating on coding in web standards and making the site more "visitor friendly."

Ithaca, NY, July 20, 2007 --( Porous Materials, Inc. and Advanced Pressure Products are proud to release a new look to their websites. The new websites are optimized for the web, with each page passing web standards. The new designs were made for all users in mind, and should load faster for those visitors who are still on dial-up. The new website offers many new functions as well, such as

* Flash animated examples of the principles of their products, replacing the huge animated .gif files they had before. These flash files also open in a new window, giving the viewer the option of viewing the animation or not instead of making them wait for the animation to load. (For users who do not have the latest version of Flash, they offer a link to get the free download.)
* RSS feeds for all of the news and information which can be added to viewers Google, MyYahoo, MyAOL pages, as well as other news readers. The RSS feed can be read on any RSS/XML news reader.
* The event calendar is color coded, with each day of an event color-coded to match that event. (Red for travel dates, green for conferences and orange for PMI Short Courses.)
* The website should load faster for everyone, especially those viewers still on dial-up (At publication, 20% of viewers are still on dial-up connection.)

Porous Materials, Inc. also announces the release of their newest websites - PMI Mobile. Customers and other visitors can now browse a condensed version of the website on any mobile device with an internet connection. The mobile web addresses are:

If you have any questions or concerns with the new website, please contact the web specialist and he will get with you as soon as possible.

Porous Materials, Inc.
Albert Teal