New Pill-Free Fish Oil Nutritional Supplement Delivers High-Dosage Omega-3 & Award-Winning Taste

Available in delicious key lime and lemon meringue flavors, OmegaSmoothiePruTect offers up to 1,500 mg of EPA & DHA essential fatty acids without huge pills, gas and bloating.

Highlands Ranch, CO, December 01, 2012 --( PruTectRx, a leading provider of PruTect-branded nutritional supplements designed to improve surgical recovery and support daily wellness, today announces that OmegaSmoothiePruTect is now available in two delicious flavors: key lime and lemon meringue.

OmegaSmoothiePruTect is a GMP certified, highly absorbable liquid fish oil nutritional supplement that features up to 1,500 mg of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, per serving—without fishy taste, huge pills and gas and bloating. OmegaSmoothiePruTect is the sixth product as part of Dr. Chad Prusmack’s PruTect Series.

Award-Winning Taste & Effectiveness

In recognition of both great taste and positive health impact, the formula in OmegaSmoothiePruTect won Gold for Best Healthy Oils & EFAs in the 2012 Alive Awards and the 2011 Best of Supplements Award by Better Nutrition Magazine.

Surgical Recovery Improvement

When combined with the PruTect Series protein powder, ProteinPruTect and OmegaSmoothiePruTect provide all of your daily omega-3, aminos, immno-stimulation, GI support, and brain protection needs—pill-free when it's difficult to eat and swallow, especially following surgery.

Daily Wellness Support

With the lemon meringue flavor featuring 720 mg of EPA and DHA and key lime flavor featuring 1,500 mg of the same, OmegaSmoothiePruTect improves neurological, heart, cardiovascular, and emotional function.

Rapid Absorption & Superior Bioavailability

OmegaSmoothiePruTect was created to increase the bioavailability of omega-3. The formula was created using proprietary "swirl technology" that significantly reduces the size of fish oil molecules. A recent study conducted by The Centre for Nutritional Studies found the OmegaSmoothiePruTect formula to be nine times more bioavailable than standard fish oil pills. This means that there is nine times the amount of fish oil that makes it into your bloodstream with OmegaSmoothiePruTect.

All Natural

As you might imagine, liquid fish oil by itself is not the best tasting stuff in the world. Enter the power of the naturally sweetened smoothie.

OmegaSmoothiePruTect is sweetened with natural key lime and lemon meringue flavors, and is delicious without needing sugar or artificial sweeteners. It's the perfect compliment to yogurt, granola or oatmeal. Additionally, OmegaSmoothiePruTect is free of glutens, PCBs, heavy metals, and pesticides. OmegaSmoothiePruTect remains fresh up to one year, when refrigerated after opening.

Dr. Chad Prusmack

Dr. Prusmack, founder of PruTectRx, head neurosurgeon at the Rocky Mountain Spinal Clinic and neurosurgical consultant to the Denver Broncos, had this to say about OmegaSmoothiePruTect: "From my experience, OmegaSmoothiePruTect is the best tasting fish oil supplement available. I recommend it to my patients and anyone that has trouble swallowing traditional fish oil pills and also wants to avoid gas and bloating."

OmegaSmoothiePruTect Now Available

OmegaSmoothiePruTect is the sixth product in the PruTect Series of nutritional supplements and now exclusively available on Dr. Chad Prusmack’s website,
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