Inflatable Manufacturer, Jungle Jumps, Offers Tips for Dealing with Inclement Weather

Pacoima, CA, December 01, 2012 --( The commercial inflatable business is very susceptible to inclement weather. Rain, lightning, wind, and snow can all put your commercial bounce houses and attendees at risk. Because of this you need to always stay on top of the weather forecast leading up to, and throughout, the day of the event.

The question of what constitutes inclement weather is certainly a matter of opinion. You need to use your judgment with regard to allowing the rental of your commercial bounce house products for an event. A snowstorm, or sleet and hail, are also almost always enough to cancel the bounce house for the event. Commercial inflatables should also not be used in winds that exceed 25 mph. This type of weather is not only unsafe for the event attendees, but it also puts your equipment at risk of being damaged. Rain is another judgment call for your and your business. Water can make many bounce houses very slippery and unsafe.

If the weather changes during the day of an event and becomes unsafe for attendees to use the commercial inflatable equipment, everyone should be removed from the equipment immediately. During rain simply leave the blower on until the rain stops.

When a customer is booking an event you should always make them aware at that time of the weather and refund policies for your commercial inflatables. If possible, having this information in writing, as well as told verbally to the customer is optimal. Being up front with your customers will head off any problems or bad feelings if the weather is not cooperative and you cannot provide the equipment for an event.

If you are forced to withhold inflatable jumpers at an event because of the weather, and the event is still being held, it may be useful to offer your customer other products (concessions, add-ons) that your company may have available. This may also help to establish a positive relationship with your customer, appeasing them and still helping to create a successful event.
Jungle Jumps
Stephanie Baldwin