Free eBook Gives the Most Effective Achievement Methods from the Ghosts of Achievers

Learn the time-tested achievement techniques of some of the most read success books in history with's new free eBook

Memphis, TN, July 22, 2007 --('s new eBook "Applying the Most Effective Achievement Methods in History" concisely outlines the achievement techniques of some of the most respected resources the world has ever known. In this eBook you can discover:

- The starting point of all achievement, without which nothing can happen.
- How Henry Ford accumulated a fortune even though he never reached High School.
- The one and only thing you have any control over and how to make it work for you.
- The 4 simple steps to develop Persistence and a 5 part Self-Confidence Formula from the best selling success book of all time.
- How to handle conflicts and competition from a military General that lived over 2,500 years ago.
- What a coach who has had more wins than just about anyone in history says is the real source of happiness. It will give you a whole new powerful perspective on achievement.
- How the author of one of most read and respected books in history got advice from the ghosts of achievers.

"During the design and development of's Online System extensive research was done to build the most effective achievement system possible. This results of this research included some fascinating old books, some of which were written over a century ago", says Paul Christenbury who is the President of Gruve International (owner of, “These books contain practical, solid advice that has made them the most sought after knowledge on the subject of success for several generations.”

While there have been many great books written in recent years, most of them will be completely forgotten in 100 yrs. Some of the books studied in this eBook were written over 100 yrs. ago and they are still today being purchased off bookstore shelves around the world. These books are widely recommended as the best resources available in self help and they continue helping people reach their goals everyday. The books examined range from the all time best selling success book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill to “The Art of War” which was written by the military strategist Sun Tzu over 2,000 years ago.

While the authors of these books are no longer among the living, the timeless fundamental laws of success they discovered continues to live on in their powerful writings. is currently offering a 13 page edition of it's new eBook "Applying the Most Effective Achievement Methods in History" as a completely free download at:

There you will also find the full text of all of these magical classic books available for download in eBook format.

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