More Patients Exploring Oral Appliances for Snoring, Reports Downtown Calgary Dentist, Dr. Kim Orth

Supporting the jaw and maintaining an open airway, Dr. Orth explains how a growing number of patients are exploring oral appliances for the first time.

Calgary, Canada, December 09, 2012 --( Thought to affect as much as 50% of the adult population at one point or another, snoring can have a profound effect not only on a patient's well-being, but that of their sleep partners as well. And while many assume that nightly strips, sprays or pills are their only real option, Downtown Calgary Dentist, Dr. Kim Orth, explains how a simple oral appliance could be the answer that patients have been waiting for.

"There are essentially two types of snorers - those affected by a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea and those demonstrating simple, non-apneic snoring," explains Dr. Orth. "But, despite the underlying cause, snoring is never an ideal situation, potentially affecting the snorer's health as well as that of their partner." While simply snoring usually presents no significant health risk, sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that can disrupt a patient's quality of rest and lead to other problems such as high blood pressure and headaches.

"Thankfully, however, modern dentistry offers a simple and effective solution for adult snorers: snore prevention appliances," explains Dr. Orth. "Working to maintain a more normal jaw position, oral appliances reduce airway restriction, which is a major contributing factor for snoring." It's important to note that sleep apnea is a medical condition and will require the input and diagnosis of a medical doctor prior to the dispensing of a sleep dental appliance.

Dr. Orth also explained some potential benefits of treatment. "While everyone is different and can expect unique results, many patients find that an end to snoring can mean more restful sleep, better concentration during their waking hours and equally important, fewer complaints from their significant other."

Offering advice on how patients can take the first step, Dr. Orth concluded with this. "It's important to remember that just because snoring is common, doesn't mean it should be ignored. That's why we encourage all adult snorers to consult with a dentist in their area and find out what an oral appliance can mean for their health and their quality of sleep."

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