New Book Features 200+ Prompts for Identifying Job-Seeker Career Accomplishments

Newly published book featuring 200+ prompts for identifying job-seeker accomplishments is designed to help people pinpoint achievements.

Kettle Falls, WA, December 11, 2012 --( Although career professionals have evangelized for years that accomplishments and results are at the heart of any successful effort to advance one's career, most job-seekers struggle to identify their achievements and fall back on emphasizing the duties and responsibilities that do not impress employers. A new book by nine-time career author Katharine Hansen, PhD, however, tackles the issue of brainstorming, tracking, communicating, and leveraging accomplishments.

You Are More Accomplished Than You Think: How to Brainstorm Your Achievements for Career and Life Success, now available on Kindle, guides job-seekers and others in uncovering and effectively communicating their accomplishments. "Many people have no idea what their accomplishments are," Hansen says. "People might think they know, but they still miss a staggering number of opportunities to share their true capabilities. This book will help them grab every opportunity."

"Even when they do understand the importance of measurable accomplishments, job-seekers and workers have difficulty remembering, tracking, and articulating their accomplishments," says Hansen. When they find themselves unexpectedly in need of a new job, in a position to seek a raise or promotion, or preparing for a performance review, they often encounter difficulty in brainstorming the accomplishments they've accrued in current and past jobs because they haven't recorded achievements as they occurred. As career guru Jason Alba puts it, "When you most need this information is the time you are least likely to recall it."

Hansen's new book offers chapters on why job-seekers need to pinpoint, track, and leverage accomplishments and why people have a weak grasp on their achievements. Another chapter provides tools and techniques for brainstorming and tracking accomplishments. The centerpiece of the book is a chapter containing 233 prompts to help job-seekers identify accomplishments.

Two chapters explain how to enhance statements about accomplishments by adding metrics and framing them in effective ways.

Job-seekers and workers have been slow to grasp employers' strong preference for accomplishments and still produce resumes, cover letters, and other communications that emphasize duties and responsibilities. One study* indicated that when employers evaluate performance, almost two-thirds of them favor results over process. Hansen offers a chapter -- with samples -- explaining how to tailor accomplishments for networking, social media, resumes, cover letters, career portfolios, interviews, pre-employment screenings and assessments, performance reviews, status reports to the boss, requests for raises or promotions... and more.

While the book is primarily aimed at helping readers mine their accomplishments in job-search and career situations, it also strives to assist them in boosting their self-esteem and setting goals by recognizing achievements in all aspects of their lives. Entrepreneurs out to win new clients will also find valuable guidance in the book.

Available now as a Kindle book, You Are More Accomplished Than You Think: How to Brainstorm Your Achievements for Career and Life Success, will be offered as a downloadable ebook and in other formats in March 2013.

* "Current State of Performance Management and Career Development 2010"

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