Tap Into the Power of Sharing with New mHealth Apps for Heart Disease and Depression

RealTime Health launches two breakthrough mHealth apps for Heart Disease and Depression, allowing patients and caregivers access to free connections, support, resources and information about living with these chronic conditions.

Singapore, Singapore, December 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- RealTime Health Pte Ltd is thrilled to announce the official launch of two free mobile apps for Heart Disease and Depression. Developed in cooperation with Singapore Heart Foundation and Singapore Association for Mental Health, respectively, these unique new mHealth tools combine the venerable art of storytelling with the modern technology of social connection to allow patients and caregivers to truly tap into the power of sharing.

Although peer connections are widely recognised as an important component of patient education, too many patients and caregivers are not able to attend support groups or interact with peers due to social isolation, illness or other factors. RealTime Health mobile apps remove those barriers by providing connection, support, resources and information at one’s fingertips.

RealTime Health Founder and Managing Director Tina Campbell, who is completing a PhD on patient storytelling at the University of Melbourne, explains her approach, “Providing people with access to the knowledge and experience of fellow patients has been proven to have a positive impact on their confidence in managing their own condition, as well as their overall health. The enormous benefits from sharing information about the day-to-day management of life with heart disease, depression - and other chronic conditions - are now being recognised around the world.”

In addition to viewing local patient and caregiver stories, these apps enable users to share their own stories and management ideas, seek out local support groups and management programmes, and catch up on the latest news and information relevant to their condition.

"RealTime Health: Living with Heart Disease" and "RealTime Health: Living with Depression" are now available for download for iPhone and iPad on the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.

Based on RealTime Health’s extensive library of titles, other apps are currently in development. Schizophrenia app will be the next to launch, and follows shortly.

About RealTime Health
RealTime Health has been the leading source of ‘patient and caregiver narrative’ support since 2006. With offices in Singapore, Melbourne and San Francisco, the company has a library of over 600 interviews across 60 titles and works with 50+ consumer support organizations to ensure all information is accurate and appropriate to each condition. In addition to developing mHealth apps, the company supplies support material for corporate, government and private use.
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