Recover Reputation’s Steven W. Giovinco Interviewed on The Crisis Show Offering Online Reputation Repair Solutions

Video shows how to fix your online reputation and discusses other crucial issues for lawyers, their clients and other professionals.

New York, NY, December 12, 2012 --( How do you fix an online reputation during a crisis? Who can be impacted by a negative online reputation?

Steven W. Giovinco’s Recover Reputation, a boutique consultancy at the forefront of repairing, improving and protecting online reputations, answered these questions and more while being interviewed on The Crisis Show recently.

“These are important topics since more potential clients turn to the web seeking reviews and positive information for professional services such as lawyers, and because a reputation can be tarnished—and, unfortunately—destroyed, quickly in ways that were never possible just a year or two ago,” said Giovinco.

The complete nearly hour long interview can be found on YouTube; the show airs live every Wednesday at 7pm on Google Hangout and is broadcast on YouTube.

Steven W. Giovinco revealed many additional solutions to common problems facing professionals online today including how online reputations are built and defended.

“There are many ways to build a positive reputation today. Usually, the three most effective techniques are search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and social media,” notes Steven.

SEO is crucial in repairing an online reputation because it helps define some of the key search terms used to help push up good information. Once those are selected, they are used in developing positive content that reader or clients find useful. Finally, social media helps distribute this on various sites to help drive traffic and spread the word.

Giovinco says, “The best defense is having a good online presence.” Many clients can help themselves by using several key sites to both improve their online reputation and to defend it from potential problems down the road. The top sites to use are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Places/Google Plus.

Steven W. Giovinco noted in the interview that nearly anyone can be impacted by a negative comment. “Almost any business online can be impacted today. Since so many people search on the web for professional services such as for law, finance and marketing, a negative item can make a prospective client jump to a competitor’s site,” said Giovinco.

Repairing an online reputation can be a long process. “Although the impact can be seen almost immediately, most projects take an average of three to six months to complete successfully,” says Steven. This is because there are many variables, such as Google’s search algorithm, the site traffic and other factors.

Sometimes news events can adversely impact an online reputation even if nothing negative occurred for a particular business notes Steven. During the recent hurricane Sandy, businesses with “Sandy” in their name could be pushed down lower in Google’s search results and this could result in lower searches and lower sales conversions. In other cases, a negative term could be associated with a business that works in a completely different field.

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Recover Reputation is a boutique consultancy at the forefront of repairing, improving and protecting online reputations of their clients. Founded by Steven W. Giovinco, Recover Reputation focuses primarily on professionals in law, finance, real estate, politics and entertainment, as well as small to medium size companies and individuals.

Recover Reputation realizes that reputations can be destroyed by one disgruntled employee or a competitor, and provides extremely effective, customized “hands-on” solutions to help. Core practice areas include Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, and Online Brand Building.
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