Brooks Bell Interactive Adopts Unique Corporate Wellness Program with Vital Plan

Vital Plan Launches Corporate Wellness Program - Rapidly-growing wellness company expands their programs from physician offices to a corporate setting

Raleigh, NC, December 13, 2012 --( Vital Plan, a physician-founded wellness company, has just announced its first corporate wellness partnership with Brooks Bell and affiliate partner HUB Raleigh.

The Vital Plan wellness program is a comprehensive, preventative approach to providing employees with guidance and tools to make healthy long-term, lifestyle changes. While many businesses offer gym memberships or infrequent exercise and health management programs, Vital Plan works with employees to provide base-line health measurements, set goals and offer ongoing support and tools to achieve those goals.

Beyond diet and exercise, Vital Plan addresses stress management, sleep quality, toxin exposure, healthy relationships, and boosting the immune system to reduce sick days. Vital Plan also offers a book on concepts of wellness, health restoration programs, specific protocols written by physicians, and a full line of top-quality supplements.

Brooks Bell’s goals with the wellness program are to:

-Maximize productivity
-Decrease absenteeism
-Attract and retain top talent
-Reduce stress and injuries
-Boost employee morale and well-being
-Help employees effectively balance the competing demands of work and life

The Vital Plan wellness program at Brooks Bell includes:

-A complementary copy of the Vital Plan book for every employee
-Confidential health questionnaires completed by each employee and feedback/summary data offered to company for use in updating their corporate wellness plan
-Health diagnostics panel provided to each employee (blood work taken by nurses on site, panel is billed through insurance and free to employees)
-Individual 15-minute wellness consultations with a practicing physician for each employee
-Exclusive 25% discount on Vital Plan supplements and programs
-28-day Revitalize Program on location in January, led by Vital Plan staff
-Exercise, yoga classes and healthy cooking programs on location
-Ongoing lecture series featuring topics such as healthy sleep, disease prevention, boosting the immune system and stress management
-Goal setting class every quarter

“I feel lucky to have the opportunity for my company to work with this unique program that offers such a forward thinking perspective. We strive for wellness to be an important part of our culture. Our team works extremely hard and I am pleased to offer this resource to allow them to optimize their health and effectively balance the competing demands of work and life.”
-Brooks Bell, Founder and CEO of Brooks Bell

“The Vital Plan concepts were intriguing to me because of the preventative approach paired with resources for health restoration. I personally found the health panel and individual consultation with the physician to be extremely helpful. I look forward to participating in the Revitalize program in January and serving as an example to our team by positively changing my own health habits.”
-Robb Czyzewski, COO and CFO of Brooks Bell

“Preventative care makes so much sense from a cost perspective, and it is fantastic that companies are adding programs for exercise and nutrition. I believe that Vital Plan can help these companies to take their offerings to the next level with our supplement line, stress management tools, physician team, comprehensive book and programs.”
-Braden Rawls, CEO of Vital Plan

About Brooks Bell

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About Vital Plan

The Vital Plan was founded in 2006 by William Rawls, MD, FACOG, in his medical practice in Morehead City, North Carolina. Dr. Rawls set out to create the plan as a way to provide his patients with a resource that would allow them to restore normal health and achieve a higher quality of life. He was also seeking answers for his own health struggle with chronic disease, which prompted a great deal of his research on nutraceutical therapies. Dr. Rawls' book and protocols were so well received that the word spread quickly. The Vital Plan has now blossomed into a network of healthcare providers who are passionate about offering top-quality wellness resources to their patients. In 2011, The Vital Plan was pleased to launch a signature line of therapeutically dosed, high-quality supplements formulated by our team of practicing physicians.


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