SunMaxx Solar’s Eco Kits Facilitate Customers’ Transition to Solar Thermal Power

Binghamton, NY, December 14, 2012 --( SunMaxx Solar, a leading integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, offers the Retrofit Eco Kit which makes the transition to solar thermal a lot easier.

SunMaxx Solar’s Retrofit Eco Kit facilitates the transition to solar thermal due to its ingenious design. The mechanics of the Eco Kit allows it to be equally efficient in both warm and cold climates. This reduces the room for error when it comes to installing the correct solar thermal system for your area.

The Retrofit aspect of the Eco Kit allows both residential and commercial customers the option to keep their existing system by turning the system into a solar hot water system. This removes the hassle of wasting both time and money to replace the system entirely. The Eco Kit offers flexibility when it comes to the components included to fit the customers’ needs; this allows customers to choose the most optimal components based on their requirements.

SunMaxx Solar’s Sales Manager, Ed Gunn, comments, ”SunMaxx Solar’s Retrofit Eco Kits make our job very easy. In the past there were customers hesitant to purchase solar hot water systems due to not understanding the technical aspect, as well as the the upfront cost. Offering a line of simple, streamlined retrofit kits is a good solution. Customers are now able to follow simple steps to purchasing and installing a solar hot water system for a small cost and reap the paybacks in a very timely manner. Installing a SunMaxx Solar Retrofit Eco Kit would be a smart decision anywhere!”

As SunMaxx Solar continues to grow every day, the company never fails to uphold its philosophy of building a sustainable future for our global community. In today’s energy consuming world, SunMaxx Solar offers world-class solar and renewable energy products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy.
SunMaxx Solar
Casey Slocum