Wenham Coach & International Radio Talk Show Host Helps People Get on Track

Wenham, MA, July 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Like millions of people today, Deb Noyes’ clutter was leaving her anxious and unproductive. As the widow of a New Hampshire state trooper killed in the line of duty, she was working hard for other widows as the Northeast Trustee for the National Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc., but her disorganization led to procrastination and ultimately, low productivity.

Howie Ames, a 50-something Ipswich resident faced challenges of a different kind—business turmoil in his sales and marketing career coupled with relationship troubles that left him with not enough sleep and too many negative thoughts. “I had too many open-ended issues weighing on my mind,” said Ames.

Noyes and Ames faced entirely unique life challenges, but how they dealt with them were the same—a Life Coach and specifically, Wenham-based Life Coach and international radio show host Sallie Felton.

Still a relatively new phenomenon, Life Coaching has caught on in recent years, so much so that today there are approximately 50,000 in the U.S. Similar to personal trainers helping their clients to achieve fitness goals, Life Coaching is the practice of assisting people to determine and achieve their personal or professional goals. Felton, like many coaches today, has a specialty. As an expert in life transitions for the last 4 years, she has helped people from all walks of life to deal with the curve balls that life can often present—marriage, divorce, starting a new business, trouble getting on the right path and children leaving home are just some of the transitions that she has helped people conquer through her one-on-one work, classes and her radio show, A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton, which is aired online through Contact Talk Radio.

More important than professional experience, Felton not only has infectious enthusiasm and passion, but she has lived through the experiences that many of her clients struggle with. Twenty years ago she was frustrated and searching for her purpose, a search that ultimately led her to abandon her proper Yankee upbringing and sports career. For the hundreds of people that have benefited from her 10 years plus of deep imagery, visualization, hypnotherapy and now her coaching services, they are happy she did.

Like her other clients, Noyes and Ames found relief from their struggles after working with Felton. Said Ames, “My relationship now is stronger than ever. I am also in a much better place now, a place where I can step back and mentally look at and dissect what’s going on and not feel as threatened.”

“Sallie’s class helped me to set-up a better filing system and organize everything, even my computer. I am now much more productive in a shorter amount of time and I can work on a particular project without being overwhelmed by other things staring at me. Best of all, I now get more downtime to enjoy simple things like sunshine and friends and can feel good about what I’ve accomplished.”

For more information, visit www.salliefeltonlifecoach.com.

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