Think Smart. Think Satin.

Educating consumers of the benefits of using the Neero & Ana satin pillow cases to prevent hair dryness & breakage and promote more radiant skin.

Massapequa, NY, July 24, 2007 --( The single most powerful, protective and proven night time weapon against hair breakage and drying skin isn’t found in fancy formulas or expensive bottles. It is found in the lush & lustrous texture of a true satin pillow case.

Neero & Ana, Inc. has produced one of the most trusted and approving satin pillow case collections on the market today. Regardless of hair or skin type, the Satin Slumber Collection™ from Neero & Ana provides the most effective tool for consumers concerned about damaging hair and skin through cotton pillow case use. Professional aestheticians, dermatologists and salon stylists have recommended the use of satin for years. Now everyone can benefit from its undeniable benefits with the Neero & Ana satin pillow case collection.

It’s simple: In order for hair to remain healthy, it requires air and moisture. Use an absorbent cotton pillow case for sleeping, and you run the risk of drying out naturally produced moisture from your head and face. The result is drying, brittle broken hair on your pillow case and skin that may appear dull and ashen. Instead, choose a glossy, durable and colorful pillow case from Neero & Ana and you’ll find more hair on your head and skin that looks nourished.

If you use hair coloring, chemical relaxers or are part of a daily heat styling regimen, your tresses are already compromised. Giving your hair a break at night with a moisture enriching true satin pillow case from Neero & Ana will help you rest assured that tomorrow’s hair day will be a good one.

Made of 100% acetate bridal satin, these abundantly rich and durable satin pillow cases stand the test of time, wash after machine wash. Best of all, you can choose from 12 sultry colors, for fun or practicality.

Neero & Ana’s CEO, Doreen Motton, could have been the “poster child” for damaged hair. Frustrated with the current products available in stores, she developed this Collection to help her own hair repair itself overnight. The result has been less hair stress and an improved hair condition. Being able to toss the scarves, bonnets and hair wraps has provided added freedom to sleep without keeping hair in bondage.

This lavish Collection is available in finer salons, hotels and online. The results of the Satin Slumber Collection™ have been praised by the medical community as well, for the enhanced treatment of Hepatitis C, alopecia and chemotherapy. Everyone should own one. You can too, by logging onto: today.

Neero & Ana, Inc.
Doreen Motton