Earth Day, Each Day: Shaune Bordere Consulting is Giving Back

What Began as a Small Earth Day 2012 Reminder Becomes a Social Responsibility Commitment

New Orleans, LA, December 28, 2012 --( Earth Day 2012 was headed towards an empty field of silence in the wake of budgetary cuts and controversy when Shaune Bordere Consulting began hurriedly planning an ad campaign that would somehow make a difference in the lives of students. Shaune Bordere's hopes of someday becoming an environmental attorney had been interrupted by tugs on her attention towards business development consulting. Yet, her eye has remained on the winding down of the inevitable ticking clock and overflowing hourglass that represent the condition of the earth.

Since Bordere graduated from law school in 2003, she had begun business development research on the improvement of the efficiency of fuel and the coordination of plans for the building of fossil fuel independent energy systems in New Orleans. In an effort to combine her advertising production and distribution connections, Bordere began writing a short film on the impact of environmental factors on the power and size of meteorological systems.

She then crafted the storyline of the short film into a vivid ad that could be broadcasted as a commercial announcing the forthcoming Earth Day 2012. Bordere produced the ad and distributed it to seven national television networks including Disney XD, The Tennis Channel, ESPN, The NFL Network, Bloomberg Television Network and Fox News Channel. The Earth Day 2012 ad campaign was run for three days from April 19th through April 21st and it reached over one million students and adult viewers.

Through the use of the ad campaign and other outreach efforts 8,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter showed their support for Earth Day 2012 online. As a result of the continuous support from the online followers, Bordere decided to continue the initial campaign by encouraging the celebration of Earth Day, Each Day.

With this new way of generating interest in Earth Day, Bordere extends a hand to followers interested in joining in on potential film production projects about climate systems. She also encourages followers to be leaders by inviting others to take part in the ongoing effort. Earth Day, Each Day has become one of the official social responsibility activities of Shaune Bordere Consulting. Bordere's dream of becoming an environmental attorney have blossomed into an all around effort that even she could not have imagined as a young law school student 10 years ago.
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