The Greek Restaurant Tycoon, Stavros, Has Joined with New York College of Health Professions to Create the Stavros Sumptuous Diet

Stavros co-owner of the New York City Kellari, has joined with New York College of Health Professions (, to teach and demonstrate how to eat great tasting sumptuous meals, while losing weight and maintaining your health.

Syosset, NY, July 26, 2007 --( Born in Greece and brought up by his grandmother who lived to be 113 years old, Stavros, one of the most eligible bachelors in New York, has fought to teach America that Greek food is not what you buy from your typical fast food Falafel stand. Processed meats dripping with fat is America’s concept of something that really doesn’t exist in Greece. Having managed some of the top Greek restaurants in the U.S., and stolen at a young age to work for Hollywood legends Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, George Segal and Carroll O’Connor, to re-invent their restaurants, Stavros co-owner of the New York City Kellari, has joined with New York College of Health Professions (, to teach and demonstrate how to eat great tasting sumptuous meals, while losing weight and maintaining your health.

Lisa Pamintuan, President of New York College says, “Stavros is the perfect person to demonstrate how living well and eating well are not incompatible. It’s actually not a great secret, stay away from processed foods, eat fresh foods and cook with a little Olive Oil instead of butter.” The three hour “Stavros Sumptuous Diet” classes, held on Saturday afternoons, will be followed by a selection of the finest foods from around the world prepared and served in the setting of one of New York’s finest restaurants. These classes are not what you would expect from Continuing Education, but Lisa Pamintuan is not your typical College President either. Having won the Irish Open at 13 and competed in Wimbledon and the US Open, Lisa was injured and became a lawyer. After working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood she helped bring New York College of Health Professions, a world leader in Holistic Health Education for over 25 years, into the realm of mainstream Colleges obtaining national institutional accreditation for its Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Together, Stavros and Ms. Pamintuan plan to show that eating well can be fun! “I was stunned to see that these great dishes created by Stavros, which rival the top foods in the world, are fresh, healthy and are good for you, and most importantly taste great.” The Stavros Sumptuous Diet goes well beyond your typical diet. It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s based on a tradition that has been going on for centuries. We just have it wrong in America. “The typical Greek Salad that we expect to be served, like much of what we have today is processed and Americanized,” says Pamintuan. “When I had real Greek Salad, Fresh Mediterranean Whole Fish, cooked with Stavros’s special oil, tomatoes flown in, along with other great ingredients, I finished my meal with Sheep’s Milk Yogurt covered with Honey and Cherries and couldn’t believe that I had not pigged out, but instead eaten well.”

A quick bond then developed and Stavros agreed to work for New York College and teach programs that the College has developed for nurses and other health professionals showing them how you can easily apply the simple principles of nutrition to eat better. “This Sumptuous Diet will spread in a viral way, because health professionals can pass it on to their patients,” predicts Ms. Pamintuan. “Nurses take care of other people, they often don’t have time to take care of themselves,” says Pamintuan. In fact New York College of Health Professions has provider status with the New York State Nurses Association and has received a number of grants from New York State to improve nursing retention, a major problem in the country. “Since most nurses in New York City hospitals have continuing education funds from their hospitals, our $200.00 Nutrition course is probably one of the best values while it focuses on some of the most important things to learn in simple nutrition and taking care of yourself. Sure, at home you’re not going to fly in every ingredient from all parts of the world like they do at Kellari, but you will be amazed what olive oil, lemon and tomatoes can do when they surround fresh natural product,” says Pamintuan.

Stavros, the handsome Greek Restaurant Tycoon, who also is opening new restaurants in Herald Square, in New York City, as well as other major venues in the country, is excited about proving that healthy great food is a right of every person. You don’t have to choose to eat bad tasting dinners to lose weight,” says Stavros. “This is America, you can have it all!” The Stavros Sumptuous Diet will soon be available at Kellari Express stores and then roll out into a supermarkets food line. New York College along with Stavros will bring real Greek food to the health professions, which will pass on the secrets to their students, patients and friends. If you showed the average American a real Greek salad, they wouldn’t know what it was. Pamintuan and Stavros will soon change that.

Along with the support of the College’s Chairman, one of the leading inventors in the world, who has opened up billion dollar industries in the past, this combo is about to explode from restaurants to stores. Starting this fall special classes will be held on Saturdays at the beautiful Kellari Restaurant. Though nurses and other health professionals will get completely reimbursed for this Continuing Education course in Nutrition, the program is open to everyone on a first come basis. Reservations are limited. Lisa Pamintuan says “It’s amazing; you don’t have to go to a ranch to learn nutrition, just West 44th Street off Fifth Avenue in New York City.”

New York College of Health Professionals, located in Syosset, New York, has been a leader in holistic education and care for over 25 years. The institutionally accredited College offers undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs in Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as Continuing Education Certificate programs in Holistic Nursing and the Science of Self Improvement. Located on the College’s main campus are the Academic Health Care Teaching Clinics, which provide holistic treatments to the community while providing clinical internships for student practitioners. New York College also maintains a 35-acre modern medical facility in Luo Yang, The People’s Republic of China. The College has grown remarkably in the past several years and will continue to develop new educational programs as well as health related products. Additional information about New York College of Health Professions can be found at

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