Flowers to Eatâ„¢ Now Offering Consulting Services

To expand upon the seminars and classes provided to numerous entrepreneurs from countries around the globe, Flowers to Eat is now offering individually tailored consulting services.

Tampa, FL, January 04, 2013 --( Flowers to Eat has announced the expansion of its educational offerings to include personalized consulting services. These services are offered to individuals and businesses from around the globe who are looking for guidance and direction as they enter the fruit arrangement industry or expand their current businesses.

Flowers to Eat Consulting Services will be customized to focus on the needs of a new business entrant, a florist looking to expand their product offerings to capture more of their customers’ gifting, and to grocery stores and food markets looking to differentiate themselves in their marketplace. While these customized consulting services will be tailored to cover the aspects of the business that the individual client most needs, the basic underlying principle on all of the engagements will be to help the individual or company enter this market space efficiently and to effectively reduce the learning curve inherent in starting any new business.

Consulting services offered:
· Review of current business model and suggested revisions
· Review and recommend store layout or working area
· Review and recommend equipment and equipment sourcing
· Delivery options: will your current delivery methods be sufficient
· Licensing options: what is different for a fruit design business
· Develop operation plan and production process associated with the 2 customer designed bouquets
· Review of current marketing; discussion of additional sources
· Employee Performance Management Planning
· Provide in depth knowledge transfer regarding sourcing fruit, selection and storage of fruit, chocolate and other supplies
· Supervise the design and assembly of your custom fruit arrangements, providing guidance in efficient cutting techniques and assembly to enable the arrangements to be customer ready in an efficient manner

Flowers to Eat is an independently owned specialty retail business. Opened in October, 2004, Flowers to Eat provides fresh, delicious, and creative arrangements of fruit and vegetables to the greater Tampa Bay area. In 2009, they started offering classes to teach energetic entrepreneurs how to choose, cut and arrange the best fruit and vegetables to create their namesake bouquets. The students in these classes have come from numerous countries around the world, and following the principles they learned, many of them have opened their own successful retail establishment in their home country.

According to C.C., owner of Ramos de Sabor in Spain,

“I recently moved to Spain and thought this would be a great idea for a new business... but had no idea where or how to begin. Flowers to Eat gave me all the tools to begin and move forward on my own professionally. I can proudly say that I make beautiful bouquets and get rave reviews from all my customers. And, without exaggeration, EVERY piece of advice that I was given on fruit arranging is taken into consideration with every bouquet I make and business planning with every decision made simply because with time I realized they were right and it was the best advice. Ladies you have it down to an art, thanks so much for everything.”
Flowers to Eat
Nancy Schramm