Directory Service Delhi Makes the City a Friendlier Place

Delhi, India, July 27, 2007 --( When the Harry Potter craze took over the city of Delhi, people across all age groups lined up to see the movie. Tickets were sold out in theatres across the city and if you planned to catch Harry, Ron and Hermione in action you had to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. One had to know about various theatres in the city playing the movie and have contact details of each to decide upon a theatre to watch the film. In such a scenario online ticket bookings were the only solution for many harried mothers. The Directory Service Delhi provided by the web portal Myquest can come handy when faced with such a situation.

A person can simply log on to Myquest and get all the information he needs, be it about movie theatres, restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, chemists, banks, etc. the Directory Service Delhi is the only guide that a visitor to the city will require to find his way conveniently around the city without having to ask strangers for directions which may prove to be wrong most of the time. The facility of Directory Service Delhi provided by Myquest can also be availed through a mobile handset. Simply a sms to Myquest will answer all your queries about any trader, manufacturer or service provider listed with the Directory Service Delhi.

The unique Directory Service Delhi from Myquest makes Delhi a welcoming and friendly city for everyone who visits it or relocates to the city. It is not only beneficial to the user but also helps in the image building for the city and as a country.

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Amit Bhalla