PowerYourRoom and YieldPlanet Join Forces Offering a Complete Revenue & Distribution Optimization Solution for Hotels

Certified integration between PriceYourRoom and YieldPlanet is now complete.

Berlin, Germany, January 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- PowerYourRoom and YieldPlanet are pleased to announce that the integration of PriceYourRoom hotel rate recommendation tool and YieldPlanet's channel manager. Through this integration PriceYourRoom users can seamlessly push out approved pricing from PriceYourRoom to the different on line distribution channels supported by the YieldPlanet platform.

All PriceYourRoom users need to do is simply click on an icon next to the recommended daily rate and the rate is distributed to appropriate distribution channels allowing the hotel to enjoy immediate global and local exposure through Online Travel Agents and the Global Distribution Systems.

Hotels that currently use the YieldPlanet channel management solutions can also subscribe to the PriceYourRoom Revenue Management solution to manage and control pricing on a strategic and tactical level, enjoying higher profitability.

The first hotel chain that will benefit from PowerYourRoom and YieldPlanet integration is Best Western Hotels Finland, Baltic States and Poland, where both companies have been appointed as official partners.

Idan Velleman, Co Founder of PowerYourRoom: “We are extremely excited that we have been able to integrate with YieldPlanet. Together our product proposition combines Revenue Management & Distribution, allowing hotels to maximize their reach to customers."

Kris Glabinski, CEO YieldPlanet: “Integration between PowerYourRoom and YieldPlanet is a new approach in hotel business. Hotels can benefit from being able to manage their pricing strategies in synergy with their distribution strategies in one place, despite having two different tools. The integration gives hotels enhanced opportunities to be clever about the way they price & distribute.”

Marina Packalen, Best Western Hotels Finland, Baltic States and Poland Regional Revenue Manager: “My aim is to have the two systems in all our properties. It is clear to us and we have proved that hotels with PowerYourRoom and YieldPlanet can not only make their life easier but make more money at the same time.”

PowerYourRoom Ltd. was founded in 2011 and currently offers 2 hotel revenue management tools.

CompareYourRoom - a powerful rate-shopping tool, which uses the latest technology to display competitor rates, rating and ranking.

PriceYourRoom - a revolutionary rate recommendation solution, which analyses internal and external data while using a sophisticated algorithm to recommend a well calculated daily transient rate.

PowerYourRoom products are designed by a team of experienced hoteliers. Both products are easy-to-use, intuitive, accurate and competitively priced,

The innovative PowerYourRoom technologies enable you to determine pricing easily in a dynamic online environment and maximize your profits from various distribution channels.

PowerYourRoom has currently customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and the United Kingdom and is available in any other destination. For further information please visit www.poweryourroom.com or contact Sonja Maier (sonja@poweryourroom.com).

YieldPlanet offers innovative electronic global distribution connectivity for the hospitality industry with the aim of solving hotels’ online distribution and pricing problems.

The software automates the interactions between hotels and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and hotels’ own web pages, while providing hotels with data, which can be used to optimize revenue & pricing, select & manage pricing strategies, and manage room inventory. At the same time the OTAs benefit from receiving real-time information on hotels’ inventory and pricing.

As of July 2012, after over a year of active operations, YieldPlanet has over 1000 hotels subscribing in over 20 countries, with strong presence in North America and Europe.

The company has been recommended as the worldwide technology provider for major chains (e.g., Accor) or for chains Europe-wide (e.g., Best Western).

YieldPlanet has established presence in many countries, including among others, The United States, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, France, United Kingdom, and Romania. For further information please visit www.yieldplanet.com or contact sales@yieldplanet.com.
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