RocSearch Report Says Digital Signage Market Up to US$14.6 billion by 2011

RocSearch India, a leading research and analytics firm, released a report isolating the key growth drivers of the Digital Signage industry and gauging the industry’s growth potential.

Noida, India, July 27, 2007 --( RocSearch conducted a PEST analysis against the backdrop of emerging market trends and also used the Porter framework to take an in-depth look at the pulls and pushes for this relatively nascent industry.

The RocSearch study explores the role of digital signage as a branding and retailing tool. It also studies the effect of the overall retail environment on the demand for digital signage.

The report compares the plasma and LCD market to reveal that plasma displays currently generate the highest revenues for the Digital Signage industry. However, the total contribution of LCDs is expected to be approximately 40% by 2009 against plasma’s 48%.

The growing presence of digital signage has been analyzed across markets, such as, the hospitality sector, restaurants, airports, health clubs, shopping malls, corporate houses, the advertising arena, government agencies, museums and research agencies.

Besides throwing light on opportunities and market barriers, the RocSearch study lists a comparative analysis of Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) vis-à-vis other media formats.

The report also forecasts that the next 5-10 years will see street furniture advertising grow exponentially. From 2003 to 2008, sales of indoor and outdoor retail dynamic displays will grow by nearly 300%.

A trend that has been observed is the collaborating of software providers and content providers to offer a complete solution package and obtain critical mass.

About RocSearch

RocSearch is a fast-growing, UK-India based professional services firm providing research and analytics support services to Research and Consulting firms, Brand & Marketing Communication firms, Investment Advisory firms and Corporates. It provides business, market, financial and emerging markets research and analytics services with a focus on fact-based problem solving.

RocSearch helps support business development, client engagement, product development and thought leadership initiatives of clients globally. Its India-based knowledge centre is equipped with a growing analyst team capable of fulfilling dynamic custom research requirements and adapting to client-specific processes.

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