New Mobile Dating Service Launches in the US

Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 2007 --( ( announces a launch of its new mobile dating services. The website allows its members to register their profiles and receive matches on their cell phones, where they can start communicating back and forth.

Mobile dating will become more popular due to the increasing activities of people. In Japan, where a lot of professionals work 14 hours a day, mobile dating has become popular starting from the early 2000. Most mobile dating providers offer the feature to search for any matches based on zip codes as well as the basic video chat between members.

“What do you do right now if you need to find and buy books very quickly? Unless your house is located within walking distance to bookstores, then chance is you will be visiting our dear Google or Amazon to find and purchase your books.” states Mark Morse, a VP of Business Development. “Even if the nearest Border Store is nearby, chance is that you will opt in tuning to Google instead.”

At first, the idea of finding and buying books and groceries from the internet is ridiculous. One would always argue that it was not the same as finding the real things in brick and mortar stores but in the end, the internet won. The growth of Amazon and Google stocks indicate a global shift from offline to online in every aspects of our life.

By texting first, one has a safe little barrier that allows to view the landscape without the stress of the first phone call or a face-to-face meeting. Texting is an easy medium for expressing oneself. A quick hello and a how are you doing message is easy enough for anyone to do. With texting, there is not much room for elaboration and by keeping it short and simple, you can get your message across without much room for putting your foot in your mouth.

iLoveTexting is a subscription service reserved for most major carriers such as Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, At&T, Dobson & Cellular One, Alltel and T-Mobile® users. Customers must have a wireless phone that supports 2-way text messages, have subscribed to TXT Messaging service, and successfully have registered a nickname.

About is a new mobile community that allows you to Text, flirt and date with thousands of hot singles in your area right now. Search profiles and connect with many interesting people using your cell phone.

You can see the website at

Mark Morse