Award Winning EYES IN™ Magazine Releases Issue 15

Engaging readers through a journey of stunning imagery and beautiful stories, EYES IN™ releases Issue 15 of their monthly publication to the Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Android via Google Play, and Apple iTunes store via their branded iOS app. The magazine recently won the 2012 Eddie and Ozzie Bronze Award for “Best Consumer App” for their EYES IN™ mobile app.

New York, NY, January 15, 2013 --( EYES IN™ Magazine releases issue 15 of its innovative digital publication featuring compelling stories around the globe with some of the rarest, but intriguing creators and their masterpieces in recent years. “EYES IN™ is poised to make a splash in 2013 with the ramp up of our digital magazine content, daily news reporting, and monthly improvements of our branded apps in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores,” said Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief of EYES IN™ Magazine.

The magazine made a brand promise to do what other magazines have not addressed in recent years, truly providing for emerging creators an outlet to spotlight their work to creative audiences that always crave never before seen work. “We welcome creators worldwide to take a journey with our content and see why being featured in our magazine is an exciting experience for their company or personal brand.” EYES IN’s Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk has been hunting for “innovation” in the deepest corners of the world to shed light on critical outstanding work that deserves media coverage and attention, and has the opportunity to incite discussion on where the industry-of the 18 industries covered by the magazine- is headed in 2013 and beyond. The EYES IN website is on average viewed by nearly 100 countries daily. Creators in those countries are the fruitful nutrition for exciting articles on the website and for their monthly magazine.

EYES IN Magazine shows more than just a superficial interview, it shows the mind behind World’s Most Innovative Creators as is shown below.

English Yotel Owner Simon Wooddruffe: “My father was a brigadier in the Indian Army and then did counter intelligence. He once told us at the height of our “Love and Peace” phase that he had been involved in planning the bombing of Hiroshima. This did not help in bridging the generation gap between us. My mother was the youngest daughter of an English upper class hunting/shooting/fishing/ country house gentleman archdeacon of the church, so I’ve never been quite sure where mine or my brother Patrick’s (who is a lighting designer for The Rolling Stones and The Olympic Games), creative streaks came from. Perhaps it was a rebellion against all of that?”

American Musician David Drake: “It’s actually kind of sad, but my first song was written to honor my grandfather at his memorial service. He was a true artist and naturalist. He lived off the land and had an elaborate garden. He also fished and hunted for much of his food at the lake-home he designed and built entirely himself. He never cut down a tree without planting one. He was a great landscape painter and sketcher in the vein of Ansel Adams and never wanted any recognition for it. He just lived on the rainbow never looking for the pot of gold. He was also a highly decorated war hero in World War II and very courageous. Men follow courage.”

Russian Author Zakhar Prilepin: “At first, the text is a heavy burden, a rock, and carrying it feels like walking up the hill. The rock is so heavy it always tries to pull me down, and I want to dump it someplace. Then I reach the top of the hill and see below the end of this whole story. This is when I push the rock with my shoulders and it rolls down on its own, and I barely manage to catch up with it before the finishing line. And there I am, down there, smiling, breathing heavily, thinking how wonderful that it’s all over now. But, it’s a joy short lived - a new rock is already waiting for me."

EYES IN™ releases digital publications once per month via the EYES IN™ app on the Apple Newsstand as well as on the Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble Nook. The company also sells printed collector books via CreateSpace and For media, self-publishing, sponsorship or advertising inquiries, please contact Desiree Frieson or Vivian Van Dijk at To learn more about EYES IN™ visit

About EYES IN™ Corp:
As a publisher of the world’s innovative creators & their masterpieces, EYES IN™ spotlights innovation in fields of architecture, art, artists, beauty, books, culinary arts, culture, design, fashion, film, finance, health, music, photography, real estate, science, technology and travel. It's a must read for anyone who wants to stay informed on global trends, upcoming and celebrity creators in these areas. EYES IN™ delivers a state-of-the-art visual experience into the minds & works of the most stunning creators under the artistic & innovative view from Editor-in-Chief, Author, Art Director Vivian V.Dijk.
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