Go-Ped Super GSR46R Gas Scooter at UrbanScooters.com

UrbanScooters.com has recently added the Go-Ped Super GSR46R Gas Scooter to its online store. UrbanScooters.com is a web-based distributor of gas and electric scooters, among other recreational and commuting vehicles.

Pasadena, CA, January 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- UrbanScooters.com is pleased to make public the addition of the Go-Ped Super GSR46R Gas Scooter to their online store. Urbanscooters.com is an online retailer of electric scooters, gas scooters, bicycles and a wide assortment of other recreational and commuter vehicles. The Super GSR46R is adapted from the original GTR 46 Trail Ripper, and possesses the same engine, however, the Super is designed to be both smaller and lighter; this makes for greater portability and transport. This model can reach high speeds relative to similar scooters in its class; it is even well-suited for racing purposes.

The Go-Ped Super GSR46R is classified as a gas powered scooter. These vehicles can best be defined as a two or three wheeled machine that is typically used by children, active adults and teenagers. Most gas scooters are designed to have better fuel economy than more common commuting vehicles, and the Super GSR46R fulfills this requirement well. The GP460RS race engine puts out 4.5 HP and 2.31 ft-lbs torque with a 17,500 redline, providing for above average performance at both low and high speeds. This scooter model is also tunable and can reach about 5.5+ HP and 2.6+ ft-lbs of torque with the addition of an aftermarket expansion chamber.

The Super is also outfitted with the same quality racing components that scooter enthusiasts liked on theSuper GSR 46R:4130 chromoly steel frame and double sided fork, 10" KENDA 671 street tires and 20" Motorcycle style "Tim Patmont bend" racing handlebars fitted with a slide tube clamp, billet stem pro clamp, Go-Ped race pad and Pro control levers. The front and rear Mad Dog disc brakes provide braking performance that is well matched for the power output of the Super GSR46R.

For over twenty years, Go-Ped has been a continuous innovator in the world of commuter vehicles. They have become especially renown for their quality racing models. The Super GSR46R has proven popular with both races and novices alike. Go-Ped launched the motorized scooter trend over 20 years ago, and they have managed to stay one of the most reliable scooter manufactures to date because of their dedication to designing high-end, innovative products. Go-Ped's are made in the United States.

Visit here for more information: http://urbanscooters.com/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/SUPERGSR46R.html
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