National Futures and Commodities Exchange is Well Prepared to Increase Market Participation Through Free Market Data and Clean Liquidity

NFCX, is more than prepared to deliver free market data and spotless liquidity solutions to its active forex clients as it has been consistently observing an impressive shift on how forex market participants achieve perceptibility in today’s inter-bank foreign exchange rates.

London, United Kingdom, January 15, 2013 --( In accordance with the National Futures and Commodities Exchange’s trading service expansion, it also offers brokers with full and direct access to inter-bank FX markets. This service offering however emerges due to the firm’s forecast that there is a potential emergence of much safer and reliable market due to mounting auditability and transparency which might also result in significant market participation. With the firm’s inter-bank connectivity and trading network, there is a great possibility of associating foreign exchange market participants and market making banks. In addition, National Futures and Commodities Exchange’s website offers historical and real-time market data exclusively for free to all market participants. Market participants can expect more access to fresh, comprehensive and deal able offers and bid prices straight from top market makers.

Mr. Brian Treahy, the CEO and Senior Managing Director of National Futures and Commodities Exchange said that the trading initiatives of the firm through its forex trading platform is considered as a pattern changing event that will transform how forex markets are being organized. “By offering an entirely spotless and deal able prices virtually supported by free historical and real-time market data, we are confident that the general trading confidence in the marketplace will definitely increase which can also result in better market participation,” said Mr. Treahy.

“The foreign exchange market has evolved into a freely incorporated set of decentralized markets and in order for these markets to accomplish its genuine potential; we decided to reduce entry barriers, decrease costs, remove friction, enhance transparency and most significantly improve the retail traders’ security. By doing so, foreign exchange market will attract a wide array of market participants and would eventually expand,” added Mr. Brian Treahy.

National Futures and Commodities Exchange trading platform’s functionalities feature No Dealing Desk Operation, prime brokers integration, client account segregation capacities and netting facility for volume and small size tickets. National Futures and Commodities Exchange also offer open access to real-time rates for almost all currency pairs and other web-based functionalities such as currency tools and web widgets for easy sharing which can be available through download. Traders can also access to free trading forex demo which enable them to see current rates, perform trading and establish personalized trading strategies.
Aaron Ward