Solar Pool Heat without Ugly Panels - Tampa Bay Area Families Heating Their Swimming Pool With Their Attic

Tampa, FL, July 28, 2007 --( Several Tampa Bay area families are enjoying a warm pool this season thanks to the attic in their homes. After contacting local pool dealers and searching on the internet, they found a pool heater that intrigued their interest. It wasn't like any other pool heater on the market. This pool heater offered the benefits of solar energy without using solar panels. They did not want to disfigure their home or landscape and found the SolarAttic PCS2 (Pool Convection System 2) was the logical solution.

They purchased their pool heater and quickly became very pleased with their choice. Not only was their pool nice and warm but they also they noticed their home was cooler. This is due to the fact that as the SolarAttic PCS2 heats the pool water, it cools the attic, which means their A/C doesn't run as often, saving the homeowners money on air conditioning cost.

"The heat in the attic can reach above 150 degrees which makes it a great solar collector. We are putting that renewable energy to use. I see a huge potential for this pool heater and other products like it. We need to get the word out," said Frank Rygiel, LEED AP® of Greenwise Solutions in Wesley Chapel.

Frank and his family are inviting select media to come out and see this heater in operation. If you are interested in doing a story, please contact Frank Rygiel at 813-991-4100.

Greenwise Solutions, Inc. is Tampa Bay's premier seller of the SolarAttic PCS2 Pool Heating System, combining cutting edge technology with environmentally friendly design to give you the most efficient pool heater available.

Greenwise Solutions, Inc.
Frank Rygiel