Vollara LLC Introduces New Air Purifier Designed for Smaller Indoor Areas

Direct marketing company, Vollara LLC, introduces a new, updated FreshAir Focus air purifier designed for smaller indoor areas.

Dallas, TX, January 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Vollara LLC, a leading marketer and manufacturer of healthy indoor environmental products has introduced a new design for their FreshAir Focus air purifier. This updated model works continuously to combat odors and airborne contaminants in bathrooms, laundry rooms, hotel rooms, and other small areas without using chemicals or perfumes.

FreshAir Focus now features always-on ionization to help reduce odors and airborne contaminants, freshening areas up to 50 square feet. For greater performance, the new design incorporates a user-controlled activated oxygen purification function to eliminate tough odors quickly and easily.

Operation is as simple as plugging the unit into a standard wall outlet and turning the built-in switch to the “on” position. Once the unit is on, an ionization feature automatically begins working. Pressing the large, FreshAir button on the front of the unit conveniently activates the purification function for up to 30 minutes, or until the button is pressed a second time. A subtle blue glow around the button indicates when the purification function is in use.

Because the air in the indoor environment is treated outside the unit rather than internally like a filter, the FreshAir Focus is considered by the company to be an “active” technology product much like Vollara’s larger whole-home air purification system, the FreshAir Surround.

“The addition of ionization was a significant improvement for treating the air in smaller, stale-prone rooms,” said Andy Eide, Vice President of New Product Development. “Placing control of the purifier function into the hands of the user adds a level of convenience that wasn’t available previously on these compact, single-room air purifier models.”

Vollara manufactures, distributes, and markets a full line of air purification, water ionization, and nutritional products with a philosophy of “Uncompromising Health.”

“You are not what you eat! You are what you absorb!” Vollara Vice President of Sales and Health Science Troy Sanford states. “You breathe about 3,000 gallons of air each day. And you’re exposed to a lot of chemicals through the air you’re breathing, the water you drink, and even detergent residue on your clothing. Vollara’s in-home appliance technology products make it easy to live a cleaner, greener life. It’s a more natural way to create a healthier living environment and lifestyle.”

Vollara is part of a family of companies with a rich 85-year history dating back to Electrolux, USA, a company known for excellence in natural health and eco-friendly technologies. Vollara’s in-house team and esteemed Medical & Scientific Advisory Board tests and research every component of every technology to ensure they are delivering solid, best-in-class products that fill real needs in the marketplace.

For more about Vollara’s new FreshAir Focus, visit www.vollara.com
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